Your brand is unique. Your USP makes it unlike the competition and adds unparalleled value to your proposition. Brand designers understand the importance of conveying this priceless information with a distinctive logo. Do you?

You’ve been advised to build your brand upon your USP, but before you get started building reputation, trust, and all the other attributes of a hallmark brand, you’ve got to get in touch with what makes you and your vision unique – and that includes a custom logo, like the ones expert brand designers create.

Your objective should be to build your brand. This brand is yours. No one else’s; and that’s why putting a logo out there that resembles anything you’ve seen in the past is unwise.

This doesn’t mean that your logo should be more intricate than the others, or more colourful…it means that at its core, from its lines to its shapes to its colour, it should be unique enough to automatically call your brand name to mind.

The Best Brand Designers Don’t Copy

If any conversation with brand designers about logo design begins like, ‘Let’s use a logo like this one,’ put it in reverse and start again. If, during that same conversation, brand designers utter, ‘Hmmm…that reminds us of something,’ insist that they crumple the paper or click on the red X and start over.

Overlapped or speeding letters, words written in standard word processing typeface, shiny balls, multi-coloured dots, chat bubbles, arcs, and swooshes have all been overdone. Likewise, the green (environmental) movement logos are all beginning to look alike. Avoiding logo clichés is a good place for brand designers to start, but a blank page and an open mind that’s willing to break a rule or two is even better.

When the public sees your logo, it’s important that their minds aren’t transported to anywhere but inquisition and the fond memories your brand has created for them. If your logo is done correctly, they’ll never forget the corporate branding behind it, because there’s no chance of it being confused with another.

What Brand Designers Know about Unique Logos

A distinctive logo can do more for your brand – and brand recognition – than you may have imagined. In the social media realm, for instance, you will quickly come to be recognised by your company logo, not your name. The more customised your logo is to your brand, the more quickly this transition will occur.

Expert brand designers understand that humans are highly visual beings, drawn to visual cues that colour, lines, and shapes communicate. They understand the significance of each of these elements, as well as the specific messages sent by each (and know how to convey what your brand wants to say without saying a word).


If your logo brings another brand to mind because it is not unique, the messages and experiences that accompany it run the risk of being associated with that other brand. Please don’t run that risk with your brand. You have – and you will – put too much work into building it for that work to be snatched away by poor, unoriginal logo design.

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