Whilst embroiled in creating the website design for your E-Commerce site, you might be tempted to allow yourself to get tied up in colour and aesthetics. These elements, and others like them, are important to your brand strategy; however, they should not stand alone. Visual elements are not self-supporting; they are representative of bigger things and intended to complement the “show me the money” aspect of your brand strategy.

Your Brand Strategy, E-Commerce, and Website Design

If your brand strategy intends for your website to sell products or services in an automated manner, then you’ll need to integrate what is known as E-Commerce, e-comm, eCommerce, or Electronic Commerce. If you own a brick-and-mortar store you might appreciate a human comparison:

An employee on which you can depend to function independently, to arrive on time, to work efficiently, to make customers feel at home and confident in your products and services, and to work diligently until every order is complete and every customer is satisfied. You feel comfortable leaving your shop in the hands of this competent employee. You can take a holiday or pursue bigger business opportunities while the shop practically runs itself.


This is what a carefully planned E-Commerce brand strategy can do for you and your website. You’ve seen it on amazon.co.uk and other similar sites. Products are catalogued, exhibited with photography, and described in detail. Visitors are given the opportunity to ask questions. They can place orders, choose shipping methods, pay securely, track shipments, arrange for returns, and submit feedback – all the things that an indispensable employee does during person-to-person business transactions.

E-Commerce occurs while you sleep, while you grow your brand and your business, while you spend valuable time with your family and friends…even while you recline on a white, sandy beach sipping a cool drink.

So now you might ask, how do I integrate E-Commerce into my brand strategy and website design? We understand. Who wouldn’t want the ease, convenience, and profit that comes with E-Commerce?

Here are some features that the E-Commerce portion of your website should include:

  • Make it simple for consumers to use with effortless navigation. If a visitor feels frustrated, he or she may leave and head straight for your competitor’s website.
  • Include photos of every product (shown in use, if possible), along with comprehensive descriptions that leave little room for questions and that entice visitors to purchase.
  • Arrange categories that make great sense to the type of consumers you’re pursuing and give them options for viewing (price, manufacturer, availability, etc.). You may also want to consider placing  products in more than one category, if applicable, to increase the chances of every visitor finding exactly what they want.
  • Give shoppers confidence while paying. We’ll set up secure payment options, including a merchant account, so that your clients have no qualms about using credit cards online.
  • Promote your E-Commerce site. Even the best brand strategy and website design is only as good as the traffic that’s driven to it. Use blogs, press releases, search engine optimisation, email campaigns, and more to steer consumers toward your website.

When established and managed correctly, E-Commerce will not only make money for you, it will save you money. Many business owners find that opening an E-Commerce site eliminates the need for a brick-and-mortar shop. They gain freedom. They lose obligation. They celebrate the day they added this nearly self-sustaining feature to their brand strategy and website design.

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