You’ve uploaded informative, relevant, quality content to your blog. You’ve optimized it so search engines will pick it up. And you wait for it to build your brand. You wait some more. The results are underwhelming, to say the least.

How can you take your content to the world, so it can work to build your brand? Email is one highly effective, and largely underutilised, method. When combined with other proven brand-building techniques, email marketing can be a superb way to build your brand. A bit of guidance is necessary…and that’s why How to Build a Brand is here, with the information you’ll need to decide if email marketing is right to build your brand.


Build Your Brand: Why Distribute Content with Email?

Before we get into how to execute an effective email marketing campaign, we’d like to make a case for how email can build your brand:

  • You’ll reach an audience that’s ready to hear what you have to say. Because they have signed up to receive updates from your brand, they’re not just a target audience – they’re a captive audience.
  • To build your brand, one indispensable tenet is establishing yourself as an expert. This requires regular contact (delivering relevant information) to your audience.
  • Another tenet necessary to build your brand is establishing trust. If you want to mark yourself and your brand as trustworthy, emails that arrive regularly (and when promised) are great ways to work toward this.
  • The more traffic your website hosts, the better its rankings. You see, search engines (like Google) place a lot of value on social proof. Therefore, if your website is already a popular place, Google sees it as a good investment and is more likely to rank it in search results. Email marketing helps with this. How? Its language calls readers to action by asking them to click on links within the emails that lead to your website. This counts as traffic, and Google will notice.
  • Email marketing creates top-of-mind awareness to build your brand. You see, when people are regularly reminded of anything, they are more likely to call that thing to mind when a need arises. Regular and relevant email marketing can accomplish this for your brand.
  • Brand awareness is also boosted through email marketing – particularly when people are encouraged to share your emails, your website, your social media pages…your brand…with their contacts.
  • Email continues to be the communication method of choice, for those important things we wish to convey and archive. The average consumer checks his email throughout the day, and some even check their emails before getting out of bed or eating breakfast. Anything that puts your brand in front of your ideal client before their morning cuppa can’t be a bad thing.

Stay tuned. In two days, after you’ve had a chance to digest the benefits of email marketing (and decide if it’s right to build your brand), I’ll be back with specific advice on how to implement an email marketing plan that will help you to achieve your branding goals.

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