As promised, we’re back with more about email marketing and putting it to work for your brand. Two days ago, we talked about the benefits of email content marketing, and today, we’re on to how to build a brand with an expertly executed campaign.

Let’s get started, so you can put your content out there, to work, building your brand.

How to Build a Brand with Email Content Marketing

Publishing content on your website blog isn’t enough…although it’s a good start. Of course, you’ll want to ensure that every post is optimised for the search engines, with the use of relevant keywords, meta tags, and titles.


Now it’s time to use email marketing to expand your content’s reach and website’s traffic, as well as click-through and conversion rates. Here’s what How to Build a Brand recommend:

  • You have a target audience. Now, for the success of your email marketing campaign and your brand, it’s time to create a captive audience. The best way to accomplish this to create your email contact list using only those people who have opted in. This is not only ethical (lest you be accused of delivering spam), it will prove to be more effective (and less labour-intensive) than any spray-and-pray method. Making valuable offers in exchange for contact information and posting a newsletter sign-up on your website are two ways to build your list.
  • Much of an email marketing campaign’s success relies on the content that it leads to. Think relevancy at all times. Write content that is pertinent to the time of year, a current economic or industrial trend, a holiday, current events…so that your ideal client not only feels her click-through was worthwhile, she’ll be more willing to click through the next time your brand name shows up in her inbox.
  • Make your email subject lines irresistibly clickable. They should tease your reader…leave something to the imagination by hinting at what’s inside. Keep your ideal clients’ preferences in mind when writing subject lines; touch on emotions they find irresistible.
  • Branding professionals who teach business owners how to build a brand all agree: trust and expert status are two indispensable ingredients in cooking up a successful brand. Speak with authority in your emails, and always deliver on what you promise. Keep it up, and you’ll work toward being your ideal client’s favourite trustworthy expert.
  • Make your email subject lines and content about your ideal client (the reader) – not about all about you or your brand. Today’s consumer wants to know what’s ‘in it for him.’ Make it clear, quickly, that your email is all about him and making his day, his week, or his life better.
  • Does your brand engage in E-commerce? If so, then ensure that every email includes a link to informative content as well as to a landing page that will walk visitors through a quick and simple buying process. You see, clicking on a link in the body of an email isn’t generally done out of pure curiosity; usually, there is an interest in making a purchase.
  • Stay regular. Your audience will begin to trust you if you’re consistent, not only with content publication, but with email delivery. Study your ideal client’s habits and choose day(s) and time(s) that will net the most attention for your communications. Then stick to the schedule (either in real time or by pre-scheduling publication and delivery).
  • Getting your ideal clients on your email list is not the ultimate goal. Rather, it’s a means to a bigger and better end. There should always be a next step. Maybe, like indicated above, your reader can click through a make a purchase. Or, maybe after they click through to read your latest blog post, there’s a call-to-action in that post that invites them to sign up for your next seminar. Always think about how to build a brand when drafting email campaigns; and moreover, always think strategically, in a ‘what’s next?’ fashion.
  • Plan ahead and think big-picture. Email marketing requires a heaping helping of strategy, and strategy requires plenty of forward thinking and looking onward to determine how you can stay ahead of the curve…and the competition. Work ahead. Think about what you’ll communicate months from now, not just this afternoon.
  • Track and test everything. There’s on one tried-and-true way to determine how an email marketing campaign will best serve your brand. Track open and click-through rates, and examine factors such as days, times, language, offers, etc., and build upon what works.

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