When educational institutions graduate brand designers, they are sending professionals into the world who are equipped with strategies for building brands that succeed. Their skills are targeted and effective…and mean the difference between mediocrity and brilliance.

[The Value of Expert Brand Designers]

Would you attempt to repair the plumbing or the electrical wiring in your home if you weren’t a plumber or an electrician? Certainly, you can give it a shot, but would you be surprised if the results were less-than-professional? Of course. No one expects professional results from a non-professional.

Branding is no different. When start-ups bypass the hiring of professional brand designers, the results are likely to be mediocre, and the proof will be in the success (or non-success) of the brand. At the very least, How to Build a Brand recommend consultation with professional brand designers as you create your brand strategy and build your brand.

What Brand Designers Learn in School

Becoming a brand designer is no small task. Here is just a taste of brand designers are taught during their formal educations:

  • graphic design skills
  • the design of many types of brand identities
  • the creation of brand strategies
  • the design of logos
  • the psychological influence of colours, fonts, and shapes
  • the printing and reproduction requirements for various forms of media
  • the expression of values in visual images and written text
  • storytelling
  • traditional and online marketing techniques
  • social media marketing
  • motivational, branded language
  • cross-cultural communications
  • visual and verbal persuasion
  • website design
  • interactive design
  • video marketing
  • brand building
  • brand management

…and much, much more.

It can be mind-boggling to think about all of the learning the average business owner would have to accomplish in order to build a brand as effectively and efficiently as brand designers do. And not only that – expert brand designers have the real-world knowledge and compounded skills that can only come with years of brand-building experience.

Investments in Brand Designers are Lucrative Ones


Your brand is the single most important investment your business will make. A properly designed brand will make impressions, tap emotions, solidify memories, generate loyal clients, and establish a level of brand equity that makes your business precious beyond valuation.

I understand that for a business owner who has never experienced the power of brand, the concept can seem quite intangible, even surreal.  In truth, a brand identity has more influence that location, product, or price. Brand awareness is worth more than any paid advertising campaign. Brand loyalty is worth at least as much revenue as all the referrals your loyal customers can make.

Branding is about speaking to your target audience and causing them to take action – and when managed properly, its ripple effect can be never-ending. So why not consult with professional brand designers who can compound the return on your branding investment with the knowledge that only targeted training and real-world branding experience can provide?

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