In your quest to learn how to build a brand, you’ve come to realise that Facebook can be difficult to ignore. It seems like everywhere you turn, there’s Facebook. Even when you’re not connected to the internet, there are references to Facebook all over the telly, in print ads, on billboards, and in everyday conversation. Therefore, it makes perfect sense that you should use it to build your brand.

How to Build a Brand through Facebook

Social media marketing is a branding necessity. Not only does it build brand awareness and brand identity, it is the most heavily-used and far-reaching personal branding method available. This year alone, Facebook has logged in more than 1.3 billion users (according to Statistic Brain), and that number grows by nearly 25 percent every year.

If your brand is missing out on the treasure that is Facebook, it’s time to get started. Here are some simple tips for how to build a brand with Facebook:

  • Enable comments. A key factor in social media success is fostering engagement with your audience. This starts with posting photos, videos, and status updates that are telling of your brand and interesting to your target audience – and it is continued by your acceptance of, and response to, comments.
  • Respond to comments with a friendly attitude. Show your gratefulness for any interaction with your brand. Always answer questions and respond to all comments promptly.
  • Acknowledge new Likes. It’s not necessary to thank every new follower with an individual message; however, I do advise that you name each one in a daily comment that welcomes them to your Facebook page with hospitality and gratefulness.


  • In order to establish yourself as an expert in your industry, be prepared with answers to commonly asked questions in your brand’s unique, industry-specific (but not jargon-rich) language. Additionally, be ready to find answers to the rest. Never guess. It’s much more prudent to take the time to research and deliver a correct answer than to guess or to give people the answers you think they want to hear. Along this same line, never make promises you can’t keep. Think, then type.
  • Post plenty of your own brand photos and request that followers submit photos of your product or service in use (or the results of using your product or service). This will work to promote engagement and to build your brand.
  • Conduct surveys and host contests from which followers can acquire freebies or discounts. This will get people involved. They will feel invested in your brand, which will in turn promote word-of-mouth advertising (the most valuable kind). They will also want to spread the word about the ‘freebies,’ in order to gain credibility and kudos within their own circles.
  • Include a fast and functional link to your brand’s website. Once there, visitors should feel a discernable move from a casual, friendly conversation (Facebook) to a more professional, no-nonsense sales-oriented feeling (business website).

Using Facebook to build your brand puts a face, and a personality, on your business; it provides a platform for connecting with your intended audience; and it gives you an opportunity to provide direct and personal customer service. In today’s social-media-heavy world, Facebook really is a large part of ‘how to build a brand.’

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