You’ve been using Facebook to promote upcoming seminars, sales, specials…as well as your corporate identity. You’ve experienced significant organic success – and that’s why this 2015 Facebook news may come as a discouraging shock: Promotional posts (as opposed to ads) will be getting less airtime.

How will this affect the building of your corporate identity? Your brand awareness? Your profits for 2015?

In the spirit of the New Year, let’s move forward from this hurdle – with some sound branding advice for promoting your corporate identity on social media, despite Facebook’s latest move.

Build Your Corporate Identity with Facebook – The 2015 Way

When a door closes, a few windows are just waiting to be found and flung open – that’s the way How to Build a Brand likes to view algorithm changes in the realms of internet search and social media. And since Facebook has put restrictions on the visibility of promotional posts, we’re ready with some advice for organically building your corporate identity with Facebook – despite this latest modification.

  • Limit promotional posting. This is nothing new. Generally speaking, no more than 20% of the status updates on your Facebook business page should be for promotional purposes. The rest should be valuable, informative content that is relevant, useful, and in response to demand. With the new Facebook changes, you’ll risk ideal clients missing most of your posts if you’re heavy on promotion.
  • Prime them for Promotion. You might be wondering how you can build your corporate identity without reliance on transparently promotional material. How can you promote an upcoming event without providing place, time, and booking instructions? Visuals, content sharing, and content creation are just a few ways to endear people to your brand by connecting with them emotionally...and this practice primes people for succinct promotion. When you truly understand the mentality (and the needs) of your target audience, you will create posts that not only work to build your corporate identity, but that stir the emotions that will make them receptive to that 20% (or less) promotional material (which will then be more effective and efficient).
  • Promote without Promoting. If you understand the concept of leading questions, you’ll have an easy time grasping this concept. The idea is to encourage conversation about your upcoming event, new product, etc. in the comments section of a post, but without promoting the product in the post itself. Simply post a photo of a new product, or ask a question about venue preferences to get the conversation started. Then, work on [gently] introducing your intended subject in the comments. Caveat: Do not overuse this tactic; do not mislead your Facebook followers. Instead, deliver valuable information, stir emotions, and build trust as you communicate. You may also include links in the comments, but make sure they’re solicited by readers’ interest.


  • Earmark a Facebook advertising budget. The best way to get your promotional material to the people who can make a difference is through Facebook advertising. For a minimal fee, you can get your promotional material out there, to a targeted audience…but you’ll have to pay. Don’t be too discouraged: Facebook’s delivery system is tight, meaning that your payment will result in highly effective targeted marketing. You have two options: Facebook Ads Manager and Facebook Boost Your Post. Both are effective – but you’ll have to experiment with each and track the results to find the formula that works best for your brand.
  • Curb promotion from your personal page. No one agreed to be your Facebook friend with the intention of wading through promotional posts about your business. An occasional ‘pop over to my business page to see what’s going on’ is appropriate; however, using your personal page as a one-for-one double-up for business promotions is just rude and will erode your corporate identity.

As you build trust and expert status for your brand, you’ll notice that you’ll feel less of a need to promote, and more of a need to maintain relationships with loyal clients. This is good – this is the goal. Remember, it takes five to seven times more money to net a new client than it does to retain an existing one.

Soon, you’ll find that loyal clients are promoting for you, and new clients are coming to you to ask about your next event, your newest product, or ways to sign up for your newsletter. Of course, you’ll always have to promote to some degree, but the light at the end of the branding tunnel makes this whole Facebook promotional restriction ‘no big deal.’

Use this news from Facebook to build your corporate identity, organically. Whilst the competition is scratching their heads, wondering how to get word out, you’ll be enjoying rewarding conversations with ideal clients, who will in-turn deliver your valuable message to their friends – without a Facebook filter.

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