We are embarking upon a shift in branding design. Fewer and fewer brands are recognising the necessity of standing out in a crowd. They’re turning to stock images and slapdash logo design. Sound grim? To the contrary! This is great news for you.

You undoubtedly understand the importance of your brand’s USP, or unique selling point. You know that without it, you may be lumped into a pile with your competitors. Wouldn’t it be great if there were an opportunity for your brand to stand out – even at first glance? There is. When you integrate unique and targeted branding design into your branding strategy, your brand design and logo will stand out – and be memorable – from the very beginning.

Refusing to lump your brand in with the slapdash crowd has a number of benefits: not the least of which are being recognised more quickly and with greater recall, as well as saving money for your brand. Do I have you attention now? Great, let’s continue.


Distinctive Branding Design, for Fiscal Success

Let’s start by debunking the myth that branding design costs money, and replace it with a truthful and proven statement: distinctive branding design makes you money. How can this be? There are a number of reasons. Here are a few:

  • Getting noticed is the first step to building a brand identity, brand image, and brand awareness. If no one notices your brand, you won’t have the opportunity to build trust and establish yourself as an industry expert. When you employ the services of a professional branding design expert, you can rest assured that he or she will study your target audience, your niche market, your industry…in order to know what colours, shapes, lines, and other visual implications will speak directly to your ideal client.
  • In many cases, one new account for your brand will more-than-pay-for a branding design expert’s fee.
  • When a branding design expert creates your brand logo and brand identity, you can count on your brand getting more attention from all the right people. Because their designs strategically target your ideal clients, you will save time sorting through all those prospects who aren’t perfect fits for your brand – and as we all know, saved time equals saved money.
  • Expect to pay the same printing costs for brochures, business cards, etc…whether you contract with a branding design firm or create your own brand design. If you strike out on your own, printing will not be an area of savings for your brand; in fact, many branding design professionals can save you money, thanks to their long-standing relationships with print shops.
  • How much will rebranding cost you? I ask this question because at How to Build a Brand, a large portion of our business comes from brand managers who come to us, dissatisfied with the results of a logo that was designed by their own staff. The cost of redesigning a logo is nearly equivalent to the cost of designing an original logo. The biggest loss of revenue is felt in unrealised sales that result from poor branding design.
  • It is highly unlikely that any given brand has access to the type of software and know-how necessary for creating logo designs in the right format, size, font conversions, colour format, and with the correct trim marks, bleed marks…however, branding design experts do. How much money will you spend purchasing the software you’ll need to create your own branding design? How much time and money will you spend learning how to use it, researching colour psychology, investigating your competition’s branding design…coming up with a logo that you think will spur your ideal client to action?

Branding design is an investment in your brand and in yourself. Branding design experts, like those at How to Build a Brand, have spent years learning how to create attention-getting, relevant, and memorable logos. Why not take advantage of all they know? Why not increase your bottom line with their branding design?

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