Traditionally, FMCG (fast-moving consumer goods) brands have sold primarily from store shelves, with a little help from print and telly ads. Now, the tide has shifted. All FMCG brands need internet search-led brand strategies.

A few years ago, How to Build a Brand took notice to the Internet Advertising Bureau’s statement that more than 70 per cent of brands do not use search-led brand strategy as part of their media mixes – and it wasn’t just the little guys. This was no surprise to How to Build a Brand. For years, Sammy and I have been addressing the need for search-led brand strategies. Now, big names like Kellogg’s are finally catching on – but there’s still an astonishing number of FMCGs that are not following suit.

Building FMCG Brand Strategies

The resistance of FMCGs to follow the internet search trend is puzzling, especially when you consider that 62%, on average, of all brands that incorporate search-led brand strategies have seen measurable gains in traffic and sales.brand-strategiesSo what does this mean for FMCG brands? It means that unless they’re ready to dedicate a portion of their brand strategies to internet search, they’re likely to be left behind, trampled beneath the footfalls of market leaders.

Websites – search-engine optimised with keywords and phrases, meta tags and descriptions, sitemaps, Google Webmaster Tools, and proper configuration – are must-haves for brands who want to be noticed in search-engine results.

Brand strategies must also include plans for creating fresh, relevant content of optimal length that includes cleverly placed keywords and key phrases. In the past, FMCG brands may have assumed that there’s simply not enough to write about (for a blog) when it comes to fast-moving goods. To the contrary, every industry is teeming with hot topics, opinions, and useful news – thanks to the internet.

Inbound links (links from other webpages to yours) will also help you to amass the attention your brand needs for search-led success.

No matter how consumers first hear about a product, they are likely, at some point, to use search terms to find and research that product online. Even if they don’t know what they’re looking for – if they simply have a problem that needs solving – the first place they’re likely to go is the web. FMCG brands are wise to address this consumer behaviour, and answer questions and solve problems that may not, at first blush, seem to be related to their products.

FMCGs are often lacking in search-led brand strategies. Even though awareness has increased over the last few years, there’s still a deficit of brand managers who understand the importance of being seen on the web.

If you’re a supplier of these quick-selling, low-cost items, you’re in luck. It’s probable that your competition has not yet incorporated search into their media mix, leaving the door open for you to grab the attention of your target market using a search-led brand strategies.

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