Written content and seminars are two ways to build your corporate brand. Both work to establish you as an industry expert; however, if you use seminars to promote and expand upon the articles you’ve written, you will multiply the reach and influence of your corporate brand.

Today, I’d like to talk about how you can use your very best content to fuel seminars that will help to launch your corporate brand and increase your ROI for each article. Just as fuel, under the right conditions, is converted to energy to drive forward, you can use targeted articles to fuel the forward movement of your corporate brand, through seminars.


Drive Your Corporate Brand Forward, with Articles and Seminars

Once you have written a high-quality, highly informative article that you know your target audience will find valuable, you can host a seminar based upon that article. Here are the next steps that How to Build a Brand recommend:

  • Don’t let the term “seminar” frighten you. I’m not talking about overnight stays at hotels, conference rooms, bland buffet food, and airfare. Seminars can be short and simple – 30 to 90 minutes over the phone, Skype, podcast, or webinar.
  • Ensure that the seminar delivers plenty of quality advice on subjects that participants are most interested in. You’ll want every person involved to feel that the hour they’ve invested was one well-spent. This will enhance your reputation and further your efforts to build your corporate brand. Remember that participants are investing in you – whether it’s with their time or their money.
  • Offer your first seminars for free or for a nominal fee. When participants feel that they’ve gotten extraordinary value, they’ll be more likely to invest more money (and time) in you. Try to shed the concept that you’ll be losing out by charging a nominal seminar fee – you will, in fact, build your corporate brand and establish a reciprocity that will pay you into the future, with word-of-mouth recommendations, repeat business, and loyal clients. As you build your corporate brand, you will earn unspoken permission to charge more for future seminar registrations.
  • When marketing your seminar (and when conducting it) make it clear that your primary purpose is to help people – to gain more of something they want, to solve a problem, to make their lives easier, etc.
  • Use only positive language in your content and marketing. For example, don’t talk about helping people to dig themselves out of a ditch; instead, talk about helping people to raise themselves up from their current positions – wherever that might be.
  • While advertising for and conducting your seminar, adhere to the type of communication you’ve decided upon in your corporate brand strategy. This will reinforce your brand identity and entitle your brand to more mind share.

After you’ve posted your informative, relevant, and useful website content, let your readers know that if they want more on the subject, they can enrol in your upcoming seminar. Then over-deliver, stay positive, make it fun, give plenty of value, and be sure to reference that article…the fuel for your brand-building seminar.

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