How can you get your corporate brand message to all the people who matter the most? That’s what every brand manager wants to know, and one thing is for sure – you can’t do it alone. You’ll need a network of brand ambassadors and loyal clients who are willing to spread the word.

How can you find those people…and more importantly, how can you influence them to talk about your brand to other consumers with loyalty potential? Every target audience is different, but there are a number of universal preferences and behaviours shared by most consumers. Today, we’re talking about how you can tap this valuable resource – how you can make talking about your corporate brand virtually irresistible.

Get the Corporate Brand Dialogue Rolling

There’s a temptation to believe that getting word-of-mouth marketing started is all about urging people to talk about your brand. To the contrary, it’s about getting people to talk about themselves – and about how your corporate brand has affected their lives.

We live in a world in which people wonder What’s in it for me? This isn’t so much a selfish outlook as one that has resulted from busy lifestyles. Today’s consumer is forced to weed out those things that will not improve or simplify their lives, leaving them highly critical of the brands they choose.

Consumers’ decisions go far beyond what they’ll pull from the shelf. They also have to decide what brands they will talk about, share, and recommend. So how will your corporate brand make the cut? Here are some suggestions from the experts at our branding agency:

  • Offer incentives for social media sharing. Whether you’re promising to enter participants in a contest or giving away a free gift, give people a good reason to spread the word about your corporate brand and they will.
  • Make a promise, deliver on it, and then give clients a platform from which to speak about their experiences. People will be, in their minds, talking about themselves – but let’s not forget that at the core of their message is your corporate brand.


  • Monopolise on emotional connections, because when people experience emotions, they want to talk about it. Take a look at your social media feeds for evidence of this. People are eager to tell others when they’re happy, sad, excited, and angry. Be the reason for a positive emotion; then others will want to know all about your clients’ experiences and they will be happy to share information about your corporate brand.
  • People have a desire to be different, cutting-edge, daring…and if your corporate brand shares these values, you have a valuable word-of-mouth tool at your disposal. Show your clients how your corporate brand can help them to be unique (and to brag about it), and they’ll be happy to talk about their association with it.
  • Give freely of information that you have to impart. Show empathy for your ideal client. Do unto your target audience as you would have done to you. And what will you get? Reciprocity. When you do something wonderful for someone, they will be driven to do something nice for you – and in the brand/client relationship, that usually equates to testimonials, referrals, and recommendations.

Getting people to talk about your corporate brand is always a unique undertaking – a custom-built branding strategy for each individual brand. Start here, and when questions arise, or you need help rounding out your corporate branding strategy, contact How to Build a Brand on +44 (0) 208 123 6776.

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