When we talk about branding strategy at How to Build a Brand, we talk about the most effective methods for converting strangers to friends, friends to prospects, and prospects to customers. Then we move on to talk about branding strategy that maintains on-going relationships.


One part of branding strategy that simply cannot be ignored is video. Video speaks to those prospects who are audio, visual, and digital learners. It shows people that there’s a real person (you) behind the brand that you’ve built. It gives you the opportunity to show your excitement for your brand. It builds the type of rapport that’s only possible with the one-on-one engagement that people feel when you speak “directly to them,” looking them right in the eye, with video.

A Branding Strategy with Results you Can See

Since the theme today is getting real (or “reel”), let’s talk numbers. The numbers don’t lie, and I think the following figures will prove that video is an invaluable resource that simply must be tapped:

  • 90% of online shoppers say that video is an integral part of their purchasing decisions.
  • 32.2 videos per month are seen by internet users, and in our experience, it doesn’t even matter if they watch the video. What matters is that you’ve taken the time to post it there. They can see your face, they have the opportunity to be engaged if they choose…and knowing that plays a significant role in their decisions to click through, sign up, or purchase.
  • Every day, 100 million videos are viewed, globally. Certainly, there are heaps of videos out there, but remember that as the global video bank grows, so does the number of viewers (i.e. potential clients).
  • Dr. James McQuivey of Forrester Research has determined that in order to gain the same impact from a one-minute video, you’d have to write 1.8 million words of content.
  • Visitors to websites with video stay there for approximately 2 minutes longer than they stay on sites without video. What can a visitor accomplish whilst on your website for 2 minutes?
  • Video isn’t just for your website, YouTube, and Facebook. Implix and the Forrester Group have found that if a video is included in an email, recipients are 96% to 300% more likely to click through. Plus, a 51% conversion increase is realised.

I could go on all day with statistics, but I think you’ve gotten the essence of just how important video is to your branding strategy. There is no better way to engage an audience (other than being personally present with them). Video is so indispensable that I am willing to say that if your competition is posting video and you’re not, you should save yourself the hassle and recommend your competition to prospects – because that’s where they’ll eventually land.

Check back soon and you’ll find information on how to get “reel” with branding strategy and video. We’ll talk about video ideas, as well as specifics regarding content, length, etc. Until then, email us on [email protected] or message us via Facebook with questions and to request more daily branding tips.

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