What does owning a global brand mean to you? If you’re like most brand managers, it means broader reach, bigger investment, increased profits, amped-up brand awareness efforts…and the need to connect with those who do not speak your brand’s native language.

Before you let that last one deter your brand from spanning the globe (or at least expanding its geographical reach), How to Build a Brand would like to suggest that you consider hiring an expert translator or professional translation company. A word-processor’s built-it translator simply won’t do – nor will an online translator or translation dictionary.

Professional Language Translation, for Global Brand Awareness

There are a number of language nuances that go far beyond simple word translation. Not only do grammatical rules change from language to language, dialects demand their own sets of [unspoken] guidelines, and cultural faux-pas hold the potential to harm your brand.

When you set out to build brand awareness internationally or cross-culturally, we always recommend erring on the sides of quality and expertise. Here are just a few of the reasons why you, too, should consider language translation by a native-speaking translation expert who knows not only the mechanics of the source and target languages, but the nuances of both cultures:

  • Reputation: Bad translations do a lot to establish a brand reputation – a bad reputation, that is. Whilst building brand awareness, it is essential that you accurately represent your brand’s values in every communication. If you put forth bad language translation, you’re demonstrating a lack of attention to detail, for example.
  • Consistent Message: Whilst building brand awareness, it’s important that your vision shine through every communication, consistently and cohesively. If words are jumbled or ideas are rendered unintelligible through translation, this cannot be accomplished.
  • Optimum Brand Exposure: Consumers are unlikely to refer your brand to others if the packaging and marketing materials do not demonstrate an intimate understanding of their language and their culture. At worst, they may be insulted and go public with their opinions; at best, they’ll pass over your product for a brand that understands their needs.
  • Trust: Why should anyone trust an unintelligible brand? Trusting badly translated language is as difficult as trusting a shadowy stranger.
  • Tagline Effectiveness and Recognition: What might be clever and electrifying in one language might be offensive or just plain confusing in another. For this reason, a translator who is attentive to the culture and dialect of your target audience is imperative.


Building brand awareness is largely about clarity and consistency of message – and neither of these elements can be maintained with substandard language translations. Your words say more than you might think. Promote brand awareness with appropriate, relevant, moving ones – no matter the language.

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