As part of brand identity development, you’re having business cards printed, you’ve got a designer and a programmer working on your website, your stationery’s been approved, your e-book’s cover is ready to go…wait! Stop the presses – literally.

Unless the visual components of your brand’s identity are consistent, complementary, and unified, your stationery and your business cards might as well belong to two different companies; your potential clients might as well belong to the competition.

While visually communicating with your brand’s audience, it’s imperative that all media sends a unified message with colour, fonts, shapes, and words. Your logo should never change – it should be an exact duplicate on all media. Your colour scheme can vary subtly in shade, lines can shoot off in different directions, the size of graphics can vary…in other words, the graphics that accompany your logo don’t have to be exact replicas from medium to medium, but they do need to look like they’re all part of an expertly matched set.

In summary, the printing of visual communicatory items should never be part of your brand identity development. Instead, your brand identity should be entirely developed and approved before a single piece of media is designed. Share your brand identity with your graphic designer, web developer, and anyone who needs to know how to duplicate that brand identity for memory-sparking optical déjà vu.

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