Website design isn’t what it used to be. Website and brand designers have borne witness to a momentous shift from luxury to necessity, and those brands that are catching on quickly are reaping the benefits. Ease-of-use and simplicity are paramount, and the best first website design impressions are reaping the most benefits.

A Brand Designer is an Expert in First Website Impressions

There are plenty of reasons brands might cite for avoiding hiring a brand designer with an affinity for website design. Firstly, it just sounds expensive. To the contrary, most brands find they can pay a brand designer fee with the acquisition of just one new account, making the hiring of a brand designer a choice that will actually increase profits. Secondly, website design software, online tools supplied by web hosting companies, and even good mates who volunteer their web design help might seem like good reasons to sidestep an investment in professional website development, website design, or brand design services; however, many brand managers don’t realise just how much is at stake.

You know how important first impressions are. When you prepare to meet a new client for the first time, you might ensure that your clothing is appropriate, neat, and clean; that the information you intend to present is accurate; that your speech portrays you as an intelligent and capable person; that you are easily understood; and that you and your surroundings look as good as possible.


You know that your handshake should be firm and confident; you know that you should be dressed to represent your brand; you know that you have just a few seconds to make your mark…have you stopped to consider that your website could be your only chance to make most of those first impressions?

In this, the digital age, person-to-person interactions are becoming more uncommon than ever before. You don’t have the chance to make eye contact, to read body language, and to tailor your pitch to your prospect’s learning style. Instead, your website design is charged with the responsibility of making first impressions for you.

What is your website saying? Is it bidding visitors to stay, because it’s presenting what’s important to them? Or is it too busy? Is the design intended for an audience other than yours? Are the colours just right? Or are the overall aesthetics unappealing to your ideal client?

Often, business owners who are not proficient in website design make mistakes that could hint at inconvenience for visitors. The graphics may not look professional, or they may lack the level of creativity that a brand designer knows will make good impressions. Guests will decide quickly how much has been invested in website design, and will also make assumptions about your brand and how you conduct business.

Your website is your storefront, your welcome mat…your very first and most important impression. Does your website have brand designer quality? Or is it blowing its chances at making a good first impression for your brand? Find out by getting in touch with the expert brand designer at How to Build a Brand.

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