The best brand strategies include cutting-edge tactics for brilliant web design. However, your website’s appeal shouldn’t stop there. After the website design is in place, you’ll need to populate your webpages with remarkable written content.

Join me to learn about what the most successful brand strategies are doing to ensure the building of their respective brands with online content.

Brilliant Brand Strategies and the Content Advice they Impart

Brand design plans should be in place from the inception of your brand-building process. Web design and logo design, for instance, lack cohesion and continuity when they’re afterthoughts, and your brand will suffer. With that said, let’s assume that your web design has been finalised by a professional web design company and now you’re ready to write content for your website.  

Where to start?

Your website’s text should reflect, complement, and support your brand’s visual design. It should also be rich with your brand’s values, mission, and vision. No rifts should be detected among the website’s design, its text, and your brand’s overall visual presentation. The message should be seamless, through all senses and learning pathways.


This advice alone should assist in the writing of your website’s content; however, How to Build a Brand have collected a number of pieces of practical advice, too. We suggest that all brands consider utilising these points in their online brand strategies:

  • Write online content that is relevant to the purpose of your website, as well as to the needs of your visitors. The information should be that which people need to know – never just fluff. It’s easy to score that first visit, but your goal should be to entice readers to come back again and again.
  • Don’t hold back important information for the sake of couth. Touchy subjects often make the most compelling reading. If your particular audience would not appreciate forthright language on a sensitive subject, use inferences and gentle words to make your point.
  • The best online brand strategies solve problems for readers. Provide this through your website’s content, and they’ll be back.
  • Update content frequently and regularly. Visitors are more likely to visit often if they know that they will find fresh, relevant content.
  • Successful brand strategies often leverage controversy to their advantage. If there’s a headline or a debate heating up the airwaves, use that heat to fuel your website’s traffic. Find correlation between your brand and current events or hot topics. Make that relationship evident in your content’s presentation.
  • Proofread. Content littered with mistakes can be difficult to read and it alludes to sloppiness in other areas. Remember that every detail leaves an impression about the quality of your brand.
  • Ensure that the information you provide is technically correct and gathered from either reputable sources or personal experience. Include outbound links for these sources, which will boost your search engine rankings.

Brand strategies that include expert web design are worth little if the content that accompanies them is stale, poorly written, or irrelevant.

Need help?

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