At How to Build a Brand, our brand experts’ main goal is to help you build a brand that is not only successful in the short term, but that outlasts and outperforms the competition. A big part of building a successful brand is putting forth an intriguing brand promise—and then delivering (or over-delivering) on that promise.

Today, the branding professionals at How to Build a Brand are divulging the secrets to generating compelling brand promises that can be kept, will work to build trust and integrity…and that will ultimately work to build a better brand.

[How to Build a Brand with Gripping Brand Promises]

We think that a brand promise should grab attention; however, it shouldn’t end there. It should maintain a grip on your ideal client. Here’s how you can ensure that happens:

  • Keep your ideal clients’ needs in mind. If you promise a relaxing respite to thrill seekers, your promise will not speak to the people who will contribute to the success of your brand. Remember that your brand exists to solve your ideal clients’ problems. Your promise should speak directly about the solution to their most nagging challenge.
  • Demonstrate your brand’s USP. Your brand promise should be unlike any other. It should demonstrate why (and how) your brand is different from the competition. Study your market. Study your competition. Know what your ideal client wants. Put it all together, find a gap, and there you’ll have your USP (unique selling proposition).
  • Ensure that Promises are Verifiable. “Cross my heart and hope to die” only works if what you’re promising is equal to what you’re delivering. Brand promises should not be about “fake it ‘til you make it.” They should be clearly demonstrated and easily substantiated. If not, I’m sure you can guess what will happen: your brand will gain a reputation for being “all talk and no action.” Your brand will be little more than an air bag in the minds of consumers. Avoid over-promising. It never works out.


  • The promise should be all about them, not you. If your promise is self-serving, or exists to boast about your accomplishments, then it will never appeal to your ideal client. Your promise should answer their question of “What’s in it for me?”
  • Do your research early. Spraying and praying, in an attempt to find a brand promise that appeals to your ideal client, is never as effective as studying your target audience’s needs, settling on a message that will move them, and then driving it home.
  • Make it rich with value. You know your ideal client well (or at least you should). Your brand promise should be written in a way that demonstrates value—no digging or guessing required.

Your brand promise is one of the first points of contact you’ll make with your target audience. When it accompanies all touchpoints, it lays the foundation for establishing trust and keeps your brand focused on the quality delivery of its values.

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