If you’re not using Twitter to create brand awareness, I’m afraid you’re missing out on a treasure chest’s worth of brand exposure. With the right message and enough shares, your brand can reach all the right people.


Brand Awareness with Tweets

Today, let’s talk about Twitter and how you can use hashtags to optimise the blue bird’s reach. First things first: What’s a hashtag? It’s more than a punch line for a teenage joke or a clever characterisation tool. It’s a real method for categorising tweets and making topics easier for users to find.

Not enough people use hashtags. Only 24% of Tweeple include hashtags in their Tweets. Of course, that’s good news for those of you reading this post. Maybe your competition isn’t utilising hashtags. This is your chance to get a social media edge.

Here is some wisdom I’ve gathered regarding building brand awareness with hashtags on Twitter:

  • If you want to double the amount of attention your Tweet receives, include just one hashtag. Include two, and increase exposure another 21%.
  • Avoid using more than two hashtags per Tweet. If you go overboard, your Tweet has the potential to lose 17% of its exposure. Keep it simple: hashtag a single word (or two, at most) that best describes the theme of your Tweet. And since your Tweets should all contribute to your core brand message, those hashtags will speak to those looking for what you’re offering.
  • 67% to 79% of consumers are prone to recommending and/or buying from brands they know. In order to become a “brand they know,” you must make your brand easy to find and to follow. Hashtags help to accomplish this.
  • If you’re just starting out and you’re wondering where your target audience is hanging out, hashtags are great ways to find people…or, should I say, great ways to help them to find you. With persistence and consistency, your place will be the place your target audience members are hanging out.
  • Think simply and curb the creativity. Think like your target consumer and include hashtags that you believe (or know) they’re searching for. This is not the place to attempt to differentiate yourself or to brand yourself. This is about making your communications accessible.
  • Put yourself in a consumer’s shoes. Search for hashtags that are relevant to your brand. Join in conversations and you’ll increase your chances of being found (under the hospitality of other Tweeter’s hashtags).
  • Stay atop of hashtag trends in order to monopolise on high traffic. A site like What the Trend is a great way to accomplish this. At the same time, ensure that you know what type of material is on the other end of popular hashtags, to ensure that you’re not undermining your brand awareness efforts with something embarrassing.

Social media is a phenomenal tool for building brand awareness. Whether you’ve never used social media for building your brand or you’re hoping to increase your social media presence, we’re here to help. Simply connect with How to Build a Brand on Twitter or Facebook.

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