Your brand has been enduring hard times, or you see an uphill climb for its reputation looming. What would a branding agency suggest that you do? This branding agency urges you to avoid rebranding too hastily. It may not be the right move.

A Branding Agency Weighs in on Rebranding

As you may already know, a brand is not a logo, strapline, colour scheme, name…or anything that you say that it is. A brand is the accumulation of experiences, memories, impressions, and opinions that the consuming public assigns to your brand.

You have the power to shape consumers’ opinions of your brand; however you do not have the power to dictate what your brand will become…with words or visuals alone. This is the right and the responsibility of your audience. Therefore, believing that you can get a do-over or a re-start by rebranding in times of turmoil or falling sales is a misconception.

Imagine this: A man has made some poor choices and has not performed well in his current job. His employer fires him. That evening, the man goes shopping – buys a brand new Italian suit and the highest quality shoes. He reports back to his former workplace in the morning and grabs a cuppa. You can imagine his former boss’ surprise when he sees the man seated in an office that is no longer his. Do you think the man will be re-awarded his job? Simply because he rebranded his look?


The branding experts of a professional branding agency know very well how effective a well-designed corporate branding strategy can be. It works to establish emotional bonds between clients and the brand that cannot be severed with a visual change. Translated, this means that if a visual brand is built well, but the procedures behind that brand are lacking, rebranding will not fix the problem. Only a revamping of protocol will do.

There are cases in which a brand is being supported well, but the brand design is either insufficient or misrepresentative. There are also cases in which a brand design once worked, but the brand has rightly evolved (grown) and the visual brand needs to be redesigned to properly represent. In both of these cases, our branding agency supports rebranding.

In short, rebranding is not something that should be decided upon hastily or thrown together as a last-ditch or desperate effort to salvage a brand.

How to Build a Brand have worked with countless business owners and brand managers to ensure that their visual brands are not only accurately representing their brands, but that essences of those brands are being properly communicated. We have also guided countless brands in the rebranding process, if applicable and if we determine that rebranding will be beneficial to its longevity and bottom line.

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