At How to Build a Brand, we often talk about identifying, envisioning, and then speaking directly to your ideal client. This is particularly important whilst establishing brand design. Because, you see, the design of your brand will eventually target and choose your clients for you.


You’ve all heard the maxim The Customer is Always Right. This can be difficult to follow if your customers aren’t an ideal fit for your business. If your marketing efforts are founded on spray-and-pray or jelly-flinger methods, you’ll end up with clients who are difficult, or even impossible, to please. Why? Because you haven’t found your ideal clients – those people for whom your product or service is the answer to what they’ve been hoping for. You haven’t found the people who have a need you can fill – and fill well. There’s another maxim that provides a better fit. It goes something like …You Can’t Please All of the People All of the Time.

Good Brand Design Appeals to Limited Clientele

The best way to please people is to be the thing, the person, the answer…they’ve been looking for. And if your brand design authentically represents your brand identity, then your solution will attract the best kinds of problems.

Avoid trying to determine how your brand can please as many people as possible. Instead, start thinking about how the one thing that you do best can be the best possible option for a particular group of people, no matter how small that group may seem. Stick to your values. The customers you find will hold the potential to be lifelong clients…and to pass along their experiences to other people whom they know would also benefit from your brand. And the ripple effect will continue.

In your quest to find and retain your group of ideal clients, brand identity is fundamental; however, creating a brand design that clearly communicates your brand’s identity and values is something that can trip up new business owners. How will you know where to find your ideal clients? How will you get their attention? What words should you use? Whom should you ask for referrals? What are the best ways to communicate your business values to prospects?

All these questions are best answered by a brand designer who has a proven track record with helping new businesses to establish and convey their brand identities, with great visibility and measurable success.

Who will your brand attract? Who will you choose to spend your business’s time with? That’s for you to decide now. Once your brand’s design is in place, it will take over and all of the processes you have in place will do the cherry-picking for you.

The branding process is one that is best served with plenty of expertise and dedication to the arts of social media, online marketing, web design, logo design, brand communications, and much, much more. To learn how a brand designer can build your brand, get in touch with me, Sammy Blindell through Facebook, Twitter, or by emailing [email protected]

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