Firstly we have to get one thing clear... a brand is not 'the logo'. A logo is PART of the branding and is the visual element that you associate with the experience you have had with a brand - i.e. when you see a brand you think about what it represents. For instance when you see the MacDonalds sign and you are hungry you are either drawn to it or if burgers are not for you, you are repelled by it. If you see the Apple logo, either on the shopfront in a shopping mall or in an advert, you are either drawn by the memory of your last encounter with it or you are not an Apple fan and you discount it immediately.

A logo is the visual element that you associate with an experience you had with a brand

Did you realise that a brand could have such an impact? Well here's the thing... yours does too, now and will in the future, create an emotional response. The difference is that most people have heard or seen these brands. When your business is fairly new and growing people do not yet have that association with YOUR brand. And so they will take it on face value. THIS is the cruncher... what will they think and feel when they first see your logo, or interact with your service or product?

THIS is where the design of your brand values speak volumes on your behalf. Your values must flow through your branding, matching and therefore attracting customers who behold the same values as you. Wouldn't it be wonderful if people came to you and when you asked what drew them to you they answer, "When I saw your website/shopfront/business card/letter, it just felt right"?

YOU can do this!

Did you know that your values speak out in colours. And did you also know that depending on who your target audience is, male/female, young/old, that the shape and font used in your brand has an emotional response from the person who sees it? It is truly amazing the effect that this visual element of your brand can have, with or without you present. Do you have  favourite colour but really are not sure how that came about? Is there a colour that when you see it makes you feel warm and cosy? There is a reason for this. Our emotional response is triggered by all of our senses and the visual is extremely powerful in anchoring a memory of an experience.

So think about what your values are in life, as these will reveal themselves in business. They have to because otherwise you are not being true to yourself or your customers. For instance if one of your values is "quality relationships" there is a colour for that. If one of them is "integrity" there is a colour for that. There is even a colour for "money" and "prosperity".

What are your core value? There is a COLOUR for that!

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