It can be difficult to grow your brand (or to even build your brand) when few people know it exists…or they don't remember the interactions they've had with it.

Boosting brand awareness is a main goal of every focussed brand builder, and the reason it's so essential is simple: The more people who remember and recognise your brand, the more attention it will receive, the more trust you can build, the more credibility it will amass, and the more profit it will earn.

So how can get some of that coveted brand awareness?

One of the best (and zero-investment) methods I have found is Word of Mouth advertising, and today, I'm sharing the most effective ways to get it.

Brand Awareness, with Word of Mouth Advertising

If you have just ten loyal brand followers, you have a wealth of brand awareness resources at your fingertips. They are loyal to your brand because they love your story, because they share your corporate values, because they believe in your vision and because you have solved a problem in a way that shows you understand them and their struggles. For these reasons and more, they want to tell others about your brand; however, they may not feel they have the tools to share it, or that they don't have the words to properly represent it.

You see, when just one of your ideal customers draws massive benefit from your brand, they want be the person responsible for turning others on to all the value you have to offer. That enhances their own reputation as a resource-finder and people-helper.

How can you tap into this valuable resource?

How can you enlist the help of those most motivated to recommend your brand?

Here are my top tips for building brand awareness through word-of-mouth advertising:

  • Ask for Testimonials. Testimonials (especially video testimonials) are great methods for spreading the word about a brand. Not only that, they give the reviewer centre stage—a chance to showcase their line of work, as well as any projects they're currently working on. Identify a customer whom you know is highly satisfied with the product you've supplied or the work you've done, and ask them to shoot a short video testimonial. Give them the phrasing you have branded as your company language, along with guidelines so they'll know what you're hoping to accomplish. Publish the video on a sharing application (like YouTube), as well as on your website. In return, offer to link to their online pages…or whatever will feel most valuable to them.
  • Publish Case Studies. For a long time, people assumed that the power of case studies was in the proof of concept. That's important; however, case studies bring something far more valuable to the quest for brand awareness. The demonstrate empathy. By reading a case study, your ideal customer will realise that yes, you have solved problems just like theirs for people just like them. By reading the text, they will begin to realise that you speak in their language and have a solid grasp on the emotions they're feeling…and the emotions they want to feel. Write a case study or two and share, share, share. Encourage others to share, too.
  • Just Ask. We all have that one client who is perfect; who needs what we're offering, who is happy to pay us what we're worth and who fully appreciates everything we do. Go to that client. Let them know just how much they mean to your business and ask them how you can find more people like them. Your client will not only be happy to help the person who so profoundly helped them, they will feel flattered that you've identified them as your 'perfect customer.' Of course, I always suggest offering something in return for their efforts. Would they like free admission to your next event? How about a testimonial from you about their brand? Or a copy of your book? Give them your best, and they'll bring you more of the best.
  • Connect with Human Bullhorns. brand-awarenessYou may have a healthy number of ideal customers in your arsenal now; however, unless they're the type of people who like to talk to others, you're not going to get much word-of-mouth exposure. Actively seek those key influencers who are continually talking about others…and then determine which of those influencers share your corporate values, and who would find benefit in sharing your brand with their audiences. This does not have to be a joint venture; it should, however, involve offering them intrinsic value in exchange for their audience's attention.

These are a few ways you can start to increase brand awareness, to attract more ideal customers to your brand. Even after brand awareness begins to ramp up, continue with these steps so that you can multiply their effects at an ever-increasing rate. In what seems like no time, you will have created a word-of-mouth machine that knows just what to say, when to say it, and to whom to say it.

And just like that, your brand will be visible, memorable and desirable…because it's been placed in front of all the right people.

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