Whilst learning how to build a brand, you’ve heard us talk about filling a need that hasn’t been filled. You’ve heard us recommend that you do things differently than they’ve been done in the past. We’ve taught you to stand out from the crowd.

When your branding philosophy differs from that of your competition, you open your brand up to criticism. Much of this criticism will be rooted in fear – fear that you might have conceived a better way to do things; and a fear that you’ll claim a significant amount of market share.

Criticism Teaches you How to Build a Brand

If you find yourself troubled by the possibility of criticism, don’t fret. Criticism is not only inevitable and manageable, it can be used to build your brand. So without further ado, allow me to teach you how to build a brand not only despite criticism, but with the help of it.


  • Before and during your How to Build a Brand journey, keep in mind that every entrepreneur whom the world has labelled “ground-breaking” was probably once deemed to be eccentric, peculiar, or just downright weird. Take is as a compliment.
  • Listen intently to criticism and learn from it. Of course, some will throw insults in an attempt to bring you down; however, much of the comments you’ll receive will give valuable insight into what consumers want.
  • Learn to view comments from a distance. Passionate business owners become emotionally bound to their products, services, employees, etc. So when criticism comes, it can feel like a personal attack. By learning to back away and see comments as opportunities, not as attacks, you will grow your business.
  • On the other side of the “taking it personal” coin, avoid pigeonholing all criticism as hogwash. It’s easier to ignore those who don’t agree, but if you’re going to learn how to build a brand, it’s essential that you consider all viewpoints.
  • Stay focussed on your values and your goals. Listen to every piece of criticism, but only take those pieces to heart that will advance you toward success. This takes practice and some trial-and-error, so the sooner you start, the sooner you’ll master this art.
  • When a piece of criticism proves itself to be valuable to your business, take the time to solve the problem that prompted it. This will prove to consumers that you want to solve their problems – but it also proves that you’re focussed and driven toward specific success, not just in defending every pointless attack.

Criticism is a gift. It’s not always wrapped up in the most beautiful of packages, and it’s often buried in a pile of malarkey; however, with dedication to finding the gems, you can tap into a resource more valuable than a compliment…and a resource that drums up new business and solidifies your existing client base.

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