We live in a world where social media is a chief form of communication, and Facebook remains the number-one channel for attracting business. Read on to learn how to build a brand by creating a business page with this social giant.

Facebook Teaches You How to Build a Brand

I have compiled a few tips to help you establish a branded business presence on Facebook. All of the wisdom contained here is a result of my own experiences – through teaching clients how to build a brand and through brand management for my own company, How to Build a Brand.

  • When you open your Facebook business page, ensure that it has the same branded feel as your website. Colours, logos, and language should reflect your brand.
  • Use keywords. As part of your branding strategy, you should have a list of keywords that you’re using for online marketing. Those same keywords should be utilised on your Facebook business page. Include those keywords and keyword phrases in your Facebook profile.
  • Invite your email contacts to like your business’ Facebook page.
  • Post regularly. Set a status update schedule that you can stick to. Post daily or every-other-day, at the same time of day each time (which should be determined after studying the habits of your target audience). Automate this process by scheduling posts in advance.
  • Respond to comments in a timely manner. Start by thanking each contributor by name and be as friendly and helpful as possible. Remember to adhere to your brand’s language and values.
  • Acknowledge criticism, accept it, thank critics for their points of view, and use what you’ve learnt to build your brand.
  • Post regularly using photos and video. These are far more likely to be liked and shared than is a words-only status update.
  • If you’re a brick-and-mortar business, claim your Places Page under the Check In feature on Facebook. This will allow people to check in, which will result in your brand appearing on their timelines (and their friends’ news feeds).
  • Add a Facebook link to your email signature, website, blog, and any other places where you might reach your ideal clients (or friends and colleagues of your ideal clients).
  • Follow your Facebook Insights to analyse how well your page is doing, as well as how individual actions you take affect your fan base. Use this information to customise your social media strategy.
  • Share your Facebook business status updates on your personal page, in order to reach your friends and friends of your friends.
  • Make valuable offers that are only available to those who have liked your Facebook page.


What is possible with Facebook for business? Considering the current communication climate, the possibilities are unlimited. If you’re not on Facebook, get there. If you are, do what you can to communicate your brand with precision and to improve your fans’ experiences whilst there.

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