Whether you’re writing your bio for the dust jacket on your first book or the About Us section of your website, you’ve got some work to do. You see, a bland listing of facts about you will not build your personal brand; in fact, it may push your ideal customers away from it.

So how can you keep your bio interesting and magnetic enough to act as a sales tool and shareable bullhorn for your corporate and personal brand?

You can employ the advice I’m about to share.

Build Your Personal Brand with a Scintillating Bio

What makes a bio interesting?

It has to be more about the reader than about you.


I know, it sounds strange.

Your biography is supposed to tell people all about you, right?

With the right bio, you will accomplish that…but you’ll also entertain, inspire, motivate and make promises that will tell your ideal customers that something great is in store for THEM.

Never should someone read your bio (especially your ideal client) and feel like they’re doing you a favour by reading it or following up. Instead, they should feel, from the first line, compelled to keep going because they’re getting something wonderful from it. They should feel compelled to make contact with you when they’re finished reading, because they are confident that you have something they need.

How can you accomplish all of this?

I suggest employing at least two of these tools when writing your bio:

  • Get personal. When you allow your personality to shine through your bio, then you will attract those who share and/or respect those traits. You can demonstrate your uniqueness with a touching story, fun fact or provocative statement. This is you, appealing to those who will like you. So be you. Anything else will attract all the wrong people to your brand.
  • personal-brandUse the power of story. Story is something embraced by the human psyche. Before written word, traditions and warnings were passed down through storytelling. Before spoken word, stories were told on cave walls. Our brains wrap around the progression of story (beginning, middle, climax, resolution) and have been trained to expect a particular structure. We trust story. We learn from it. We crave it. Start your bio by telling a story, and you’ll be more likely to get your audience’s attention early. Some examples would be a childhood story that you can connect to your current occupation and the story of a turning point in your life (one that led to your current situation).
  • Reveal a dream. Now, I’m not talking about the crazy nightmare you had last night. I’m talking about the vision you’ve had for yourself…the one that’s been there since your first memory. It’s the one you built when you realised how good you were at sewing, painting, singing, speaking or leading. It’s the one you built into other aspects of your life—the one you’ve made concessions for. It’s the one you can’t imagine living without pursuing. Share that passion. Draw people into how deeply you feel about it. Tell them how you’re realising it in real life. And don’t forget: make sure you demonstrate (directly or indirectly) how your pursuit of this dream is great news for them.
  • Use humour. This is something that appeals to a wide range of readers, and if your ideal customers are game for a good belly laugh, go for it. Know them well, though. Are they easily offended by a particular subject? Do they appreciate crass language? Are they looking for the promise of more good times to come? Or do they want you to get their attention with a humourous statement and then get down to the business of how you’ll help them…aside from a high entertainment factor? Use humour if applicable, always keeping your ideal customer’s predilections in mind.
  • Brand, don’t brag. It’s easy to compose a list of all your accomplishments—and it’s also a mistake. Use only those achievements that your ideal customers will see as beneficial to them, because this is about THEM. If you recently completed some extensive training in recognising dog aggression, your financial planning audience isn’t going to care. In fact, they’ll probably turn away from your brand. However, if you were a keynote speaker and advisor for the annual International Financial Advisory Convention, that matters.
  • Talk about your mistakes. What? Yes, you read that right. Just think about how much trust you can build by telling people what you’ve messed up and how you can help them to avoid making the same mistakes. This is what we call wisdom, and people are willing to go out of their ways to pay for it because it’s valuable to them. It saves them time, money and effort: three massive commodities in the business-building and consumer worlds.
  • Tell them what you do when you’re not working. Why should this matter? Because people want to like you as a real person, not just as a businessperson. They want to know about your quirky side, your adventurous side, your nerdy side or your clumsy side. They want to know that you’re someone whom they want to spend time around, and whom they can respect and recommend to their friends. Be honest here. Don’t add details to make yourself seem more interesting. Again, you’ll regret it when you start attracting people who aren’t a good fit for your brand.
  • Hire a professional. Many of us don’t enjoy writing…and it shows. We struggle with how to employ elements of story, how to “show not tell,” how to use a formal or conversational tone, how to elicit specific emotions and how to create something unforgettable. There are professionals available to you who do nothing else—who specialise in the art of the written word. The best ones will take the time to get to know your personal brand and to fully communicate its values through your bio.

Are you feeling inspired to write a bio that will build your personal brand? Do you have questions about how to start…or how to finish? I am here to answer your questions and to support you as you move forward. Simply contact me here and I’ll answer your questions and help you to make the connections that will see you through this project…and the next and the next.

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