Whether you already own a business—or you’re hoping to own one someday—you’ve likely heard the phrase “Build a Brand.” What does that really mean, anyway? How is it different from building a business? And how important is it to the success of that business?

These are questions that people ask us all the time at How to Build a Brand. We are happy to have this opportunity to answer these questions (and more) in today’s article: How can you Build a Brand?

How to Build a Brand: The Basics

This is by no means an exhaustive list; however, there are some things that every business should do in order to build a brand that will make them visible, memorable, credible and profitable:

  • Values: People want to do business with people who share their values; and business owners and employees want to do business with people who share and appreciate the values of the business. A big part of building a brand is communicating and demonstrating your corporate values with your target audience so that valuable connections can be made (and so the brand can grow).
  • Brand Story: Every good brand has a great story. Sharing the story of how your business came about (and making it accessible) will help you to build a brand that endears itself to the people who will help it to grow.
  • Visual Elements: People learn from and remember what they see—more than anything else. For this reason, it’s important to choose colours, shapes, lines and images that represent your brand’s values and message. Simplicity is key, and so is clarity. For these reasons, it’s always a good idea to consult with a professional to ensure that your visual brand is properly representing your actual brand.
  • Personal Relationships: People feel compelled to buy from people—not from corporations. For this reason, it is important that you reach out, show interest in those who have the potential to be important to your brand, and start conversations with them. Loyalty can only exist between humans. A brand can only exist where there’s loyalty.
  • Expert Status: Every successful brand in history has managed to prove its expert status to its audience. This is never accomplished by simply stating “I am an expert.” Instead, it is proven through the giving of valuable advice and the skillful completion of projects and/or deliveries. It’s also proven through authorship of books, articles and more. The key phrase here is “prove it.”
  • Trust: No one wants to do business with someone they can’t trust. A lack of trust can be the result of bad experiences, or [more innocently] a lack of interaction. Building a brand involves the building of trust—with the keeping of promises, with referrals from trusted individuals, and with all the other elements that humans use to deem themselves trustworthy on a daily
  • Consistency: Some of the best brands in history have been built upon the consistency and reliability of their messages. This could also be classified as a lack of contradiction, because as soon as a consumer detects contractions, trust is lost and so is all possibility of brand loyalty. Ensure that all messages (spoken, written, and visual) support the business’s values, vision and mission, and you can claim consistency in building your brand.

The points presented here represent a solid foundation for building a brand that will carry your business to great achievements. Without a brand, your business is a name without a face…a name that is unlikely to be remembered.

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