A bartender is wiping down the bar, contemplating how his pub can start building a brand to gain more of the local market share, when a priest, a rabbi, and a minister walk into the bar…

Alright, alright. Today, we’re talking about building a brand using humour, as well as boosting your market share and your branding message; however, it is important for us to clarify – we’re not talking about simply telling jokes in a stand-up fashion. Instead, we’re talking about making an emotional connection with real people, in one of the most genuine and human ways we can imagine.

Humour Offers Unique Approach to Building a Brand

Much of building a brand involves forging human connections that are so strong people will pay more, travel farther, and go to great lengths just to do business with your brand. When people enjoy you (and your brand), they’ll naturally want to override rationality and go for what feels right. Making people laugh brings about positive emotions and forges happy memories that are hard to deny.

In order to establish a reputation and to foster trust for building a brand, you must be remembered…and guess what’s difficult to forget? Humour. People commit witty and entertaining language, illustrations, and occurrences to memory and they share them with others. They want to be witty, too, so will gather all the funny narratives they can manage in order to be a hit in their own social circles. If your brand is supplying some of that narrative, you will be talked about in new circles – circles that are likely to include at least a few of your ideal clients. Can you think of a better plan, or a more enjoyable method, for building a brand?


Of course, there are instances in which humour will not work for building a brand. If you’re involved in an industry like healthcare or entombment, humour might not be well-received. On the other hand, if you sell paper clips or you clean carpets, a humorous approach will be unique, and therefore memorable.

In a number of industries, humour has also proven to be an effective method for gently teasing the competition, which not only starts a conversation about each brand’s USP, but reveals points about your competitors that you might otherwise struggle with disclosing.

Humour can also play a significant role in personal branding. As you strive to reveal your own personality – and those of your colleagues, employees, affiliates, or clients – humour works to not only break down barriers, but shows the world your fun-loving, light-hearted side (if you have one of those).

So, in conclusion, laugh it up if you find humour to be relevant to your brand. Maybe brands like yours haven’t used humour in the past, but you feel that it could be applicable to, or welcomed by, your target audience. Then go for it. Be the only paper manufacturer, cleaning service, or legal consultancy with a sense of humour. How to Build a Brand can practically guarantee that you will set yourself apart from the competition.

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