Originality, Innovation, Ingenuity…whatever you choose to call it, finding ways to be creative with corporate branding can prove to be challenging. Join us to learn more about bringing resourceful vision to your brand—so that it can stand out from the competition.

Think Differently, Win at Corporate Branding

Let’s get a few things out of the way before we begin. Creativity in corporate branding is not about intricate design or fancy visuals—it’s about thinking differently and finding new perspectives that deliver something unexpected. Furthermore, it’s not about inventing something new that’s beyond all current conception; to coin a phrase, we’re not trying to reinvent the light bulb. The light bulb works fine the way it is. Your job is to find a way to make that figurative light bulb more useful, attractive, or relevant in a new and surprising way.


Now, let’s get started.

Think about the days when exercise was the equivalent of a hard day’s work in the field, or at the factory. Now think about the very first aerobics class—set to music—that was proposed. Certainly, that seemed outrageous. Now, few of us can imagine Sweatin’ Without The Oldies.

How about breakfast served all day at restaurants? Certainly, eggs and crepes for dinner were, at one time, outlandish propositions. Now, diners seek out those restaurants that service breakfast all day.

You, too, can use creativity to the advantage of your corporate branding efforts. Always remember that creativity is not about inventing something new, but rather, about viewing current products and services in new ways. Here are some tips from How to Build a Brand, for sparking your corporate branding creativity:

  • Study your competition. Study what you ideal client wants. Now, put the two together and find a gap. Fill that gap using a divergent way of thinking, the opposite of assumptions, or something completely contrary to the way things have been done up until now.
  • Think of two things that your ideal client does or consumes in a day’s time, in a week’s time, or a month’s time…even a year’s time. Now, come up with a product or service that combines the two into one, in a way that has not yet been conceived.
  • Add delivery service to something that people would never think of having delivered—but couldn’t imagine living without once they’ve tried it.
  • Find a rudimentary staple and add a luxurious facet to it. Or, take something that’s viewed as a luxury item and make it more accessible or less pretentious.
  • Bring back the house call, but with something consumers would never expect.
  • Reflect on your list of corporate values. Now marry one of them to a product or service that seems unrelated. If you’re operating cohesively, it will in fact prove to be related, but will also prove to be refreshing and unexpected.
  • Consider current trends that are grabbing lots of attention, and create marketing messages that combine a trend with a product or service. Some examples of current trends are sustainability, non-GMO and organic food, and self-esteem and body image. Do not change your product or service; just make an association.
  • Name a status quo that is present in your industry. Now, use your corporate branding to challenge it—to prove that it’s outdated, unnecessary, or just plain wrong.
  • Think Opposites Attract, Times Two. Meld two concepts that “should not” go together, and you’ll attract plenty of attention with your corporate branding.
  • If you think consumers would say “That’s impossible” or “No way!” try it. Remember that looking twice doubles mind share.

Corporate branding with ingenuity is all about finding new ways to present existing ideas. It’s about making people say, “Why didn’t I think of that?” If you’re looking for ways to add more creativity to your corporate branding, subscribe to The Brand Brains publications. You may also wish to subscribe to our YouTube channel or to contact us on [email protected] for more information on corporate branding.

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