Website design is more than pretty colours and nice graphics. It’s also more than clever digital brand design. It’s a complex undertaking that bears much of the responsibility for the online marketing of your brand. Does your corporate branding strategy include a plan for urging visitors to click-through whilst perusing your website? Read on to learn if the web design portion of your corporate branding strategy is doing enough to promote clicks from your ideal clients.

Click-Worthy Web Design: A Corporate Branding Strategy

We all know that great website design includes prompts that invite visitors to Sign Up, Register, Join, or Purchase. However, simply placing that button under your visitors’ noses isn’t enough to get to click. It’s up to you to make them care enough to ‘take the plunge.’


Your corporate branding strategy should include a plan for making emotional connections in a digital world – essentially causing your website’s visitors to care about your brand and want to be a part of it.

Here are some steps that How to Build a Brand suggest you integrate into your website design corporate branding strategy – to make those all-important connections and get those clicks:

  • Tell them what’s in it for them, and make that something the thing that your target audience wants the most. Whether it’s more time, convenience, money, or quality, make it evident. This message should be the most prominent – in size, design, and in repetition. If you’re offering something that will change their lives for the better (and you feel confident that it’s accurate thanks to meticulous research), they should be utterly helpless against the urge to click.
  • Make the value of what you’re offering unmistakable. Don’t assume that your readers know what your offer is worth. Tell them, without mincing words, how and why your offer is a great deal. Remember that very few consumers are spurred to action by price alone. Most often, they are intrigued by getting the most for their money, making value more important than total cost.
  • Infuse a sense of urgency into the text. If most people believe they can revisit your site next month and get the same deal, they’ll probably do so (or forget to do so). Procrastination is a common facet of human nature, and if you want to keep it from affecting your click-through and sign-up rates, give people an irresistible call-to-action. You might choose to limit the time they have to act, limit the number of available offers, or make it clear how much they’ll lose by wasting time.

Why have you built your website? Chances are that it’s a tool for building a following and for making money. Without the proper incentives and motivation incorporated into your website design, your site will be little more than a brochure – no action required.

Instead, infuse your web design corporate branding strategy with plans to make your website an actionable one – irresistibly clickable.

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