Whether your name is your company name or you plan on making yourself a highly visible staple in your brand strategy, personal branding should not be overlooked. Who you are – and the values you hold – contribute to building your brand. And in this, a corporate branding scene that relies heavily on personal branding, you are the thing that sets you apart from the competition.

Personal Branding Tips

There are a number of things you can do to build your brand with personal branding. Here are some principles that have helped clients of How to Build a Brand to score some major success:

  • You don’t have to create a personal brand. You simply have to highlight those things that make you special, different, weird…and put them on display. Your personality traits, personal preferences, and values will appeal to the types of people who can appreciate your unique qualities. Because these people are organically drawn to as a person (and not as a faceless business entity), they are very likely to become your ideal clients.
  • Just be you. If you’ve ever embellished the truth, you know how difficult it can be to keep up appearances for any length of time. You also know that it can destroy relationships – personal and professional. As you build a brand, be the authentic you. This legitimacy will impress clients, and in return, they will give you their trust and their recommendations.
  • Establish yourself as an eager expert in your field. Your business is your passion. It should be made evident, through enthusiastic personal branding, that your destiny could be none other than the business you have chosen. Never miss an opportunity to tell your audience how happy you are to be working for them – that your personal journey has culminated here and that your passion for your business will continue to drive you. Desire is a heroic motivator. Tell people about your personal and professional desires, and they’ll never doubt your motivations.


  • Accessorise your business with personal branding. Whether it’s an accessory or a favourite colour, infuse your brand with your personal taste. Your personal style might showcase polka dots, the family dog, bow ties, hot pink, or minimalism. No matter your style, you can make it work for your brand by marrying corporate branding with personal branding.
  • Make connections. If you really want to make personal branding a part of your branding strategy, you cannot skip this step. Find the places where your ideal clients are hanging out and then reach out. Trade shows, webinars, business bureau meet-and-greets, social media, guest radio and TV spots, street fairs, the corner coffee shop...Where will they be?
  • Trust yourself. When you truly embrace the concept of personal branding, you can ensure that no other brand will be quite like yours. When there’s a problem to solve or a new market to reach, simply look inside yourself for the answers. Use the passion that drove you to create your brand to evolve your brand.
  • Give your personal brand room to grow. The most successful personal branding efforts are never really finished. Tell people from where you have come. Tell them about your current journey. Tell them where you’re headed. Your personal brand is alive; if it’s not growing…well, you can guess its fate.

The possibilities for your personal branding are virtually endless. Why? Because you are unlike any other. If you are honest with yourself about who you are and what you want from your brand, you will never struggle to differentiate. Your brand will be inherently unique.

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