Despite the fact that branding is a multi-tiered process that requires plenty of specialised advice, there is definitely a place in branding for simplicity. There’s a need for simplicity in approach, in processes, in communication, and more.

Branding Simplicity in Building a Brand

Save the energy you might spend on making “offers they can’t refuse,” and instead, focus on creating the emotional connections that will bring people back to your brand, again and again. If you know your target audience well, this should be rather simple…like talking to a friend whilst using the words that he or she understands best.

Solve a Problem with a Simple Solution

No one is interested in solving a problem with another problem. This means that your brand’s solution should be easy for consumers to understand and to utilise. Your brand should cause clients to ask, “Why didn’t someone think of this sooner?” and to exclaim to their friends, “Why are you putting up with that when you could just buy X?” In short, consumer experiences with your brand should come with zero hassle.

Branding Simplicity in Your Branding Message

Consumers aren’t interested in trying to figure out what your brand is all about. They want to know what you’re promising without having to decode jargon or having to navigate through a maze of ideas to reach your message. Decide what sets your brand apart from your competition and communicate that value succinctly and clearly. You don’t have more than a few seconds to grasp their attention…and to keep it for a lifetime.

Branding Simplicity in Delivery

Make a promise and keep it – with every customer interaction. This is so simple that it’s difficult to believe that every business isn’t taking advantage of this powerful exercise. Because many business aren’t clear about their promise – or don’t deliver on the promise they make – adhering to this simple procedure will differentiate your brand.

Simple Brand Explanations

Your brand should be self-explanatory. If you find yourself presenting your brand and then having to answer numerous questions in order for consumers to understand how it works or what problem it solves, your brand should be re-evaluated for effectiveness. Your brand can’t begin to build emotional connections if its benefits aren’t obvious from the start – and few people will stick around to learn about it. They’ll move on to the competition.

Stay on Your Simple Branding Path

A great branding strategy requires brand management, to demonstrate its flexibility; however, it will not require rebranding on a regular basis. This mean you can keep it simple by finding a branding strategy that works and repeat its processes – over and over again – and get the same splendid results.



The world is a complicated place. Consumers, in general, are over-stimulated. They are engaged for most of their waking hours. In order to cut through the clutter, your branding approach should be as simple as possible.

For the best and most long-lasting results, branding should be simple in its processes and in its consumer communications. To learn how you can create a simplistic brand or simplify your existing branding strategy, contact How to Build a Brand at [email protected] or visit

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