Some of you will remember the days when you could go right to Google Analytics and get all the information you needed about your keywords’ performances. You could then develop an ongoing plan for your SEO and online brand marketing strategy. Times have changed, and so have the methods available for determining which keywords will best serve your brand.

This lack of direct keyword performance information isn’t terrible news. In fact, it indicates that search engines have become more intuitive and can ‘fill in the blanks’ where necessary to help people find what they need. There’s more flexibility with search and more room for attention to overall quality of content, rather than to keyword occurrence.


Does this mean that you no longer need to focus on keywords and keyword phrases for SEO? No, it doesn’t. It simply means that your methods for finding brand-beneficial keywords must evolve.

Finding Keywords to Enhance your Brand Marketing Strategy

When a webmaster asks How to Build a Brand about the best ways to find high-performing keywords, we offer the following advice:

  • Be alert. We’re placing this point first because we want it to run through all of your keyword search missions. Pay attention to the language your ideal client uses. Take note of the words that pervade the conversations of your target audience – in person, in forums, on social media, and more. You will notice patterns in speech and writing. And guess what? The words that make up those patterns are the same words used to find brands like yours online.
  • Google Webmaster Tools: This application provides information specific to your webpages, with your designated keywords. How has each one contributed to, or detracted from, your online brand marketing strategy goals? Which ones have been the most lucrative performers? This tool will answer these questions, and more.
  • Use Google Adwords Planner. Open this application and you will be prompted to enter a keyword that you had in mind. Not only will you be supplied with stats for that keyword, but for other related keywords and related phrases. Use this information to determine which terms hold the greatest promise for your online brand marketing strategy.
  • Read auto-populate suggestions. You’ve probably experienced this yourself: you’re searching for something online and the search terms suggested in the drop-down under the search box sound better than what you had in mind, so you click on one. This happens to your ideal clients, too. Google a keyword or phrase related to your brand and watch what the search engines suggests with its auto-populate function. This is a valuable source for building your online brand marketing strategy.
  • Take note of related searches. Search engines often provide sections titled related searches that appear at the end of search engine results pages. These can be sources for lucrative keywords and keyword phrases.
  • Consult with Google Trends: This source of average, representative information can be useful for sharpening your keyword phrases’ word order and for predicting which keywords will be most useful to your brand. As its name suggests, it is indicative of trends, rather than hard, empirical, and precise data.
  • Don’t give up on Google Analytics. Go to Acquisitions -> Search Engine Optimisation -> Queries in order to access recent data regarding search results for your webpages. You’ll find this data similar to that of Google Webmaster Tools, and you can consider it another piece of help in your quest to supply your online brand marketing strategy with the best and brightest keywords and keyword phrases.

Your quest to build a brilliant online brand marketing strategy is sure to include lots of research, and a healthy helping of trial-and-error. Stay abreast of developing keyword trends in your industry, listen intently to the words used by those you are targeting, and take advantage of the tools that are at your disposal.

With diligence (and some expert brand marketing help), you will develop an online brand marketing strategy that pushes your brand forward and upward. And of course, the brand marketing strategy experts at How to Build a Brand are always available to answer your SEO questions. Simply call +44 (0) 208 123 6776.

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