Every creator of a brand marketing strategy knows this: Social media is a must-have for marketing success. Without it, your brand runs the risk of not being seen…and therefore, not being remembered, frequented, or supported.

For many, the biggest hindrance to kick-starting a social media brand marketing strategy is time. They fear that other aspects of their business will suffer. Or, they worry that social media will become a distraction that hurts their business.


There are provisions you can make to keep social media on the side of your brand—not sucking away your time, but rather building your brand marketing strategy in a way that frees up your time and help you to live the lifestyle you’ve been dreaming of.

Read on to learn how.

A Social Media Brand Marketing Strategy that Doesn’t Suck…Time

The success of your social media brand marketing strategy is all about planning and approach. Here are some pieces of advice from How to Build a Brand, for conserving time and getting more out of your brand’s social media campaign:

  • Choose Your Top Three: Attempting to establish a presence on every social media network is not only a daunting task, it’s rarely effective. Conduct research to determine which networks offer the types of audiences and interaction that will benefit your brand. Identify your reason for choosing each one, and focus on that reason when engaging your audience through that channel. If you’re concerned about mindshare, you may wish to set up a profile on every network, but only focus on engagement through a few. And furthermore, it’s a good idea to prioritise within your top-three, having a number-one social media channel for ideal-client engagement.
  • Determine Your Availability: How much time can you dedicate, daily, to social media? If the answer is “one hour,” then stick to that. Set a timer if you must. If the answer is “none,” then outsource social media posting, analytics, and/or strategy. Remember that a successful social media brand marketing strategy will result in more engagement and increased business—both of which will require more of your time. Be realistic, don’t be a hero…and you’ll have a more successful brand and a better chance of living the life you desire.
  • Know Your Productive Peak: Are you the type of person who works best in long, drawn-out sessions, or is your attention span short? Know whether you work best in 15-minute bursts or 3-hour sessions, then plan your social media brand marketing strategy around that.
  • Turn It Off: When you’re not posting, sharing, or responding to comments, log out or close the tab. Jumping at every notification robs time from other necessary tasks, and will lead to social media taking over your daily brand-building efforts.
  • Avoid Aimless Chit-Chat: We always recommend that you maintain a friendly air whilst interacting on social media; however, we also recommend avoiding conversation not associated with your brand. This can turn into the ultimate time suck.
  • Work Toward Goals: Every step in your brand-building journey should move you closer to your goals. Your social media brand marketing strategy should be no different. Use every post and every interaction to build your brand—because every step in the wrong direction means double-time to get back on track (i.e. Time Suck).
  • Stick to a Schedule: Make social media marketing part of your everyday routine. If you skip this step, you run the risk of it either becoming a disruption or being overlooked. The former is a time suck and the latter will lead to a greater time commitment when getting back on-track. Some people prefer to dedicate one day per week to scheduling posts, and then checking for engagement opportunities daily. Determine what works for you, and stick with it.
  • Go Mobile: If you find yourself falling behind, explore the possibility of catching up from your mobile device—maybe whilst waiting in the doctor’s office or waiting to pick up the kids. Or, if the nature of your business keeps you on the bus or the train, use that time, rather than precious office time, to post and interact on your social media channels.
  • Be Tool-Choosey: There are plenty of social media tools available to “make your life easier.” However, turn on too many, and you’ll make building your brand more difficult. Stick to those that have proven to save you time. Dispense with the rest.
  • Take Advantage of Analytics: Social media analytics are valuable tools in determining how you can be most effective, in the least amount of time. By analysing the effectiveness of your social media activity (for each individual channel), you can make lucrative decisions about where to spend your time. Give each social media channel a good go—a minimum of 30 days at full throttle—before you decide to invest more time or move on.

Your social media brand marketing strategy will only be as effective as the amount of planning and scrutiny put into it. And when executed intelligently, social media can save time, make money, build a brand…without turning into a time suck.

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