In my final instalment of digital KPI tactics, you’ll get a taste for how you can use the information you’ve gathered from KPIs to get the results you want from your corporate branding strategy – and to realise the success you’ve defined for your brand.

We have discussed the importance of asking about the effectiveness of your website, and then gathering the information necessary for determining its level of success. Now it’s time to put your corporate branding strategy into effect by using what you’ve learnt to get real results for your brand.

It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane…It’s a Corporate Branding Strategy


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You’ll remember our jam website example. Let’s say you’ve decided that the purpose of the website is to increase unique visitor traffic – enough that resulting sales will pay for a new ad campaign for your bigger line of products (the mother lode). You’ve decided how much revenue you’ll need to amass in 6, 12, or 24 months. Now it’s time to act like market leaders and reach out to those consumers who aren’t visiting (or buying).

After analysing data like browsers utilized, clicks, time spent on each page, geography, screen resolution, and visiting time of day, you’ll get a more precise image of your unique visitors. Using this information, you must take targeted action, like market leaders and super heroes do. Immediately, you must set out to improve the volume of visitors from your desired demographic by utilizing tools like media (television, radio, print, etc.), interconnected company operations (unified goals), social media, and revisions that will speak to those who aren’t sticking around long enough to buy.

For many brands, this will prove to be a trial-and-error process. Some actions will result in lucrative outcomes, whilst others may feel, in retrospect, like wastes of time. But wait…nothing is a waste of time, unless you determine a strategy isn’t working and continue to utilise it, expecting different results. These are the trials that help a corporate branding strategy to improve and evolve, to become something brilliantly innovative, effective, and efficient.

A Corporate Branding Strategy is Nothing without Action

Market leaders know that KPI analysis isn’t for the sole purpose of entertainment – it’s the collecting of signs and forecast data that point toward action. So use Google Analytics, along with the wisdom of branding experts and online marketing professionals, to build something that is destined to be the brand you want to see in the world. By failing to take action, you will have wasted all of the valuable time you’ve spent gathering data.

Keep your brand safe from the perils of dormancy. Know that the most effective action heroes are those who don’t delay – who respond to the information they gather with immediacy and determination. Remember, without specific, targeted action – with a corporate branding strategy designed to improve your website’s traffic and conversion rates – the only action heroes will be those championing your competitors’ sites.

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