Too many branding strategies don't include plans for landing pages. At best, this no-landing-page approach leaves potential customers perplexed; at worst, it can drive them away from your brand.

Are you utilising the branded, guided tour that is the landing page…to inform, endear, and convert? If not, you may be missing out some serious online conversation rates. You can significantly multiply all of the above with branding strategies that include landing pages.

Branding Strategies that Guide and Direct, with Landing Pages

When branding strategies point all traffic that comes from pay-per-click ads, links, search engine results, social media, or email directly to their brands’ homepages, they risk losing the attention of prospects.

Allow me to explain: Your website’s homepage is introductory, welcoming, and somewhat general in describing your brand (not the precise items or services it sells). If someone searches for something very specific, like term life insurance, and the link they click lands them on a homepage introducing a brand that sells home, vehicle, life, boat, flood, sinkhole…all kinds of insurance… that person feels like they’re back to searching again.

However, if that same person clicks on a link about term life insurance and they’re led to a webpage that acknowledges their specific need, offers a solution to their problem, and calls them to action, their attention is not only seized, your chances of gaining a new client go up.

Landing pages vary in style, but here are some of the traits that the best ones have in common:

  • Relevant Headline: Your landing page’s headline should speak the same type of language as the link your visitors’ used to get there. You want them to understand that you’re speaking directly to them, and addressing the specific need they have.
  • Sales Letter Form: Name the pain or problem, rub some salt in the wound, offer your solution, and call your readers to action (with a link to the place where they will perform that action).
  • Reader Focus: What’s in it for them? Always keep this at the forefront of your mind whilst writing. Write using second-person point-of-view, using words like you, your, and you’re. A landing page is not the place to boast about your brand – but it is the place to talk about what your brand can do for your ideal clients.
  • Minimal Creativity: Be straightforward. Avoid literary prose and flowery, poetic phrases.
  • Well-Defined Call-to-Action: There should be no question as to how visitors move on to learn more or to make a purchase. Buttons should be as obvious as the reasons for clicking.
  • Customised Copy Length: If the purpose of your landing page is to gather details or to get visitors to sign up for a newsletter, for instance, keep it to about one page. If you’re attempting to convert or close a sale with your landing page, it can be two pages or more (because you have more work to do).
  • Easy Reading: Avoid complicated sentence structure. Keep paragraphs short. Use bullet points when presenting lists. In short, make the copy easy-to-skim (because many readers will do just that).
  • Minimal Information Requests: Only ask visitors for details that are necessary to your purpose – too much, and they might be unwilling to comply.
  • Fold Consideration: Ensure that there’s a call-to-action link/button on the screen at all times, no matter where your readers are in their scrolls.

At How to Build a Brand, we always recommend tracking the performance of all landing pages, and then adjusting branding strategies accordingly. You might even want to create a number of different landing page versions for the same campaign, and compare their performances in order to design a landing page that takes readers to your money pages like never before.

Your landing page is your brand’s tour guide. Create one that will lead your ideal clients to your most lucrative attractions, and they’ll return again and again.


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