How to Build a Brand would like to ask you, “Why do people visit your website?” Are they taking a figurative stroll through a virtual art gallery with the sole intention of witnessing bespoke website design? Or are they visiting in order to learn something about you and/or what you’re offering?” We know that one of your main branding goals is building brand awareness. In order for that to happen, the words on your website must not only be legible, but easy (and pleasant) to read.

After all, it can be difficult to convey a message when the vehicle through which you’re conveying it (your website’s text) is not clear.

Build Brand Awareness with Easy-to-Read Website Fonts

With the exception of website design that exists primarily for aesthetic purposes, most people will be visiting your site with the intention of reading; therefore, we highly recommend that the font you choose for your content, above all, be legible.

We know that doesn’t sound like much fun – but if surfers can’t breeze through your content, they’ll travel to other beaches…where some brand awareness other than yours is being built.

Here are a few tips for building brand awareness with website text that is pleasing to the eye and easy-to-read:

  • Don’t use the same font for all portions of the page; rather, choose fonts that complement one another. Lettering for titles, subtitles, and text should all look as if it belongs to the same family, with slight variance in features. Two fonts per page is good – more than three is usually too much.
  • When choosing a font, ensure that whether you’re enlarging it for titles or shrinking it for content, it remains highly readable.
  • There’s no hard-and-fast rule for this, but make sure that the number of blank lines between text, title, etc. is complementary to your website design. Experiment. Too much leading puts holes in website design. Too little crowds the text.
  • Confirm that the colours you’ve chosen work well with each font. Contrast (i.e. how the background colour and the text colour work together) is imperative to readability. Grey-on-white, black-on-grey, and numerous other choices can ruin a visitor’s reading experience.
  • Remember that not every visitor’s eyesight will be the calibre of your own. Always err on the side of webpage fonts being easier to read than you deem necessary. Consider this in the realms of contrast, size, colour, and design.


These are only a few guidelines to follow when choosing fonts and colours for website design text that will build brand awareness. For more about website design, typeface, lettering, and fonts, contact the branding design experts at How to Build a Brand today by calling +44 (0) 208 123 6776.

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