Who doesn’t want their brand to go viral? At How to Build a Brand, we understand that you have goals. Those goals, if achieved, will put you in a unique place, depending on the way you wish to live your life, run your business, and spend your free time. In order to reach those goals, you must have branding strategy that is exclusive to your brand and tailored to the purpose of making your brand visible to those who are integral to your brand’s success.


I know, that sounds like a lot to swallow. But it’s simple, really: Concentrate a large portion of your branding strategy on making your brand viable and visible, and the rest will follow.

From Viable to Visible to Viral:  A Branding Strategy

  1. This is the viable part. First, identify your ideal client and know what bothers him/her the most. Create content (on your own website and in other places) that speaks directly to their pain. It’s important that you get this in place now, so that when you do start to gain visibility, what you have to say will be relevant and action-inducing.
  2. Now, let’s get visible. While you’re conducting step one, make sure that you’re using proven SEO practices. Know what your audience is searching for online (keywords). Write for real people, but also adhere to the SEO tactics that will make search engines smile. Using ethical SEO practices will ensure that when people search for what you’re offering, there you will be, right in front of them.
  3. Tap into the power of colour and images. Whilst designing your brand, consult a branding expert about how visual elements will help people to remember your brand. Whenever someone sees your brand name and its logo, or hears its tagline, positive memories and feelings should bubble up. Your brand image can carry with it an immense amount of backstory.
  4. Build a professional-looking and operating website. Inviting your dream clients into a poorly developed website is like ushering people into a shop that’s dirty, messy, and poorly maintained. No one wants to be in a frustrating environment, and will leave before any of the good stuff happens.
  5. Get blogging. Google rewards fresh content and real people love it, too. Choose topics that are relevant to your industry; but most of all, that are of interest to your readers. Give visitors to your blog the capability to share your posts through a number of social media channels.
  6. Speaking of social media, get on it. Not every channel will be right for your business and your audience, so do your research. LinkedIn is usually best for B2B. For B2C, Facebook is essential. Don’t limit yourself to just one, though. Be visible in all the places you expect the right eyes to be.
  7. Create out-bound and in-bound links. This means linking to other sites and getting other sites to link to yours. When you link to another well-established website, consumers and Google see this as a referral. Your visibility and your reputation are automatically bolstered.
  8. Create your local business listing for every search engine (start with Yahoo! Local, Google Local Business Center, and Bing Local Business Listing). Claim your location on places like Google Maps.
  9. After careful research into your target audience’s preferences and activities, consider running a pay-per-click campaign or other online marketing effort. For many brands, a Facebook or Google ad might be just the thing to increase visibility.
  10. Analyse, analyse, analyse. Never ignore the analytics for any online publication or activity. Honestly evaluating how every effort is affecting your branding strategy will help you to concentrate on what works the best, with the smallest investment of time and money.

Getting viable, visible, and viral with online marketing is not for the beginner; however, with the right advice and a top-notch branding strategy, you can start on the road to reaching all those goals you’ve set for yourself and your brand.

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