Is SEO a part of your branding strategy? During 2013, Google alone fielded 5,922,000,000 daily searches (Statistic Brain). The internet is where people go to find brands like yours. So what are you doing to be found? Link building is one SEO branding strategy that works.

Enrich your Branding Strategy with Link Building


Your ranking in search results is impacted by the number of outbound links you have on your web pages, but quantity isn’t the most important consideration (in fact, more than three per page could be hurting your ranking). In order to keep your status, those links must also be of high quality and great significance.

There are a number of get-ranked-quick schemes out there, and slapdash link building is one of them. Here are some of the things schemers (and some under-educated brand builders) do to try boosting rank:

  • They link to sources that get their high rankings through spamming. A quality outbound link has a high search result ranking; however, if it is discovered that your link has gained its fame through devious methods, your page will go down with it. Link only to those pages that you know have garnered stardom through persistence, relevance, and quality content.
  • They link to sources with impressive rankings, even if the material is not related. Before Google qualifies a link as beneficial to your search ranking, it checks to make sure the material is relevant to your page. Only link to pages that include information your readers will find useful…and of course, the better those pages’ rankings, the better the results will be for you.
  • They trade links with other web hosts, repeatedly. Patterns such as this do not reflect well on your brand’s website, and your rankings will suffer. Instead, mix it up. Offer a variety of quality links to a variety of other webpages, and watch your search results improve.

Google has been imposing more stringent ranking consequences if link schemes are detected, effectively making these attempts at search engine optimisation counter-productive for those who choose to take this route. As we always say – the best way to improve your search engine rankings is to include a long-term SEO plan into your branding strategy. Provide quality, relevant content that your readers are truly interested in and only link to pages that contain content your readers can use. If your material gains attention the old-fashioned way (with hard work and perseverance) it will also gain inbound links – a quality that will boost your pages’ rankings. You won’t see results overnight, but you will see real results that last.

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