Social media marketing has proven itself essential to corporate branding; however, not all social media channels are created equally. Depending on your target audience, some might be much more useful to your brand than others. Join me as I talk about the benefits of LinkedIn, and how you can utilise its professional networking power to further your corporate branding efforts.

LinkedIn: A Valuable Tool for Corporate Branding

LinkedIn is commonly used for networking in a professional sense, and is a favourite of B2B brands. It enhances corporate branding in a number of ways, but here are a few reasons that How to Build a Brand love it:

  • Networking: With LinkedIn, you will make connections with those people whom you already know, but even more importantly, you will gain access to making connections with the people they are connected with (known as second-degree connections). You’ve heard us talk about this before: Even if all the people hearing your branded message aren’t your ideal clients, the likelihood that they know your ideal clients is high.


  • Groups: LinkedIn gives you the ability to join groups that are focussed on your industry. This not only provides you with opportunities to join in conversations that will establish you as an industry expert, it will introduce your brand to those who may either be interested in what it has to offer or who will consider making a referral. Groups also provide first-hand insight into what’s hot in your industry, so that you can take that information directly to your ideal clients.
  • Enhanced Visibility: LinkedIn shows your brand, products, mission, and goals to the world. It provides one more path through which potential clients can search and research your brand – and through which traffic can be funnelled to your website.
  • Question Answering: A feature called LinkedIn Answers not only gives you the opportunity to ask questions and get answers from other experts in your industry, it gives you the unique opportunity to answer questions and establish yourself as an expert in your field. This is so important. Marking yourself as an expert and building trust by freely offering advice and know-how establish your expert status, which is a key component of successful corporate branding.
  • Research: LinkedIn profiles give you the key points necessary for learning about figures in your industry niche, and for preparing for interviews and upcoming projects. What’s more, LinkedIn offers features like surveys, which you can use to gather accurate representations of your industry.
  • Emotional Branding: Despite LinkedIn’s professional B2B reputation, it can still be used to elicit the emotions you’re wishing to tap in your target audience. You’ll have the capability of posting videos, recounting your company story, or engaging your audience with any other type of emotional branding that will inspire action.

There is so much more to say about corporate branding with LinkedIn. Stay tuned for a future LinkedIn blog post, when I’ll be talking about how you can set up an effective LinkedIn profile for your brand.

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