If you’re considering integrating a LinkedIn account into your corporate branding and online marketing strategy, How to Build a Brand would like to weigh in. Our online marketing, corporate branding, and SEO experts know that all the heavy hitters use social media to increase traffic, to build brand awareness, and to ultimately increase ROI in a number of areas – and LinkedIn is one facet of a brilliant social media plan.

In traditional marketing, we’ve been taught about the importance of building connections through personal and corporate networking. Now, in the information age, one-stop applications like LinkedIn are replacing those conferences, seminars, workshops, and meet-and-greets to which we once had to drive, fly, and trudge.

LinkedIn as a Corporate Branding Channel

LinkedIn acts as a channel through which to find work opportunities, as well as to locate contractors and companies to hire. It also serves as an integral corporate branding platform. Here are some of the major features that LinkedIn uses to make these connections possible:

  • If you’re familiar with the concept of Six Degrees of Separation, you’ll identify with LinkedIn’s connection system. When you create an account, you establish direct connections. LinkedIn then uses these to build an extended list of connections, made up of second-degree and third-degree connections. These act as introductions with built-in references.
  • When you set up your LinkedIn profile, you are given the opportunity to showcase your photo, resume, qualifications, job history, testimonials, references, accomplishments, and more. Taking the time to establish a complete and impressive profile will encourage others to make your acquaintance through LinkedIn, increasing your social media presence, your network, and your corporate branding efforts’ effectiveness.
  • With LinkedIn, you can post job offerings. Candidates can view the openings (as well as your company stats) and apply through LinkedIn. You also have the option of searching for candidates and presenting them with your job proposal – but only through a connection or the reference of one of their connections. The second- and third-degree connection system offers users the chance to ask for “personal” introductions and recommendations while maintaining trust through reference-only relationships.
  • If you establish a particular interest in a LinkedIn personality or entity, you can exercise the “follow” option, which will automatically notify you of any updates to that profile (including employment and hiring opportunities). Similarly, you’re given the chance to bookmark a profile you’d like to monitor or visit again.
  • Mobile device users will be delighted to find that your profile will be fully viewable on their phones and tablets.


  • Users are given the option to join LinkedIn groups, which may regularly initiate discussions, including email notifications.
  • LinkedIn offers a question-and-answer forum in which users can make business-related queries to other members.
  • This social media platform has teamed with Amazon, WordPress, and TypePad, among others, to offer users more personalised and far-reaching profile options. They have even established their own advertising platform, to add to the user-value of establishing an account.

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