All brand strategies need a plan for a social media presence, and LinkedIn is a must for professionals. You can build your LinkedIn page, but how will you urge people to stay and connect? Your professional headline has a lot to do with engagement there, and today, I’m talking about how to write a LinkedIn headline that grabs the attention of all the right people.

The Importance of the LinkedIn Headline to Brand Strategies

Your LinkedIn headline is the single most important part of your LinkedIn page (a bold statement, I know). Not that your photo, profile, and past experience aren’t important, but without a brilliant headline, few people will pay any attention to the rest.

Consider this: When people search for professionals with your credentials online, your headline will appear in search results, along with your photo and your name. So, unless you want people choosing you for your killer smile or your royal bloodline, your headline has to do all the work. This is the portion of your branded LinkedIn profile that will ‘beg the click,’ and move people closer to making that professional connection.

We’ve talked about SEO brand strategies here, in the past. Your LinkedIn headline is crucial in this area, too. You simply must include your most significant keywords and keyword phrases in that headline – because guess what? Google uses that headline to index your page. A more relevant headline equals better search engine rankings – which will result in more clicks and more connections.

Now that you understand why that headline is so important to all types of brand strategies, let’s discuss how you can write one that gets the job done:

  • Limit your headline to 120 characters (including spaces).
  • Use words that you know will capture the attention of your audience. If you’ve done your research, you know them well. Push those buttons. Seduce the click. Hint at the fact that you know what they want and that you have the solution to their problem.
  • Stay focussed on the benefits of your brand.
  • Be clear in what you have to offer. Very few people will click on a link in order to solve a mystery. In the famous words of Sweet Brown, “Ain’t nobody got time for that.”


  • Consider showcasing one or more accomplishments in your LinkedIn headline. “Voted Australia’s #1….” is a good example of an attention-grabbing opener.
  • Test your headline’s performance. How many views is your profile getting every week…and does tweaking your headline change that number? Use what you learn to build a headline that will work the most effectively.
  • Pay special attention to proper grammar and punctuation. There is a segment of the consuming population who will bypass a poorly written headline. After all, everything brand strategies put forth to the public is considered a quality indicator for future work and relations.

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