You’re writing relevant blog posts that are of specific interest to your target audience. You’re publishing them on your website. Who’s reading them? Not sure? Stay with me to learn what our branding agency knows about LinkedIn, a social media platform with some attractive publishing, branding, and analytical advantages.

LinkedIn: a Branding-Agency-Approved Publisher

Our branding agency believes in publishing on LinkedIn, a social media platform designed specifically for professionals, for the following reasons:

  • At How to Build a Brand, Sammy and I are continually talking about the importance of establishing yourself as an expert in your field. This fosters trust and builds your brand. LinkedIn is the ideal platform for this purpose; after all, it is a channel created specifically for professionals. When you publish highly informative, relevant content there, you will build perceptions of your expert status throughout more expansive circles.
  • When you publish your blog posts to LinkedIn, the content might be promoted by the social media giant, resulting in a larger readership for your brand. Stay in-tune with current events and hot topics, with a focus on what the world at-large is craving; then find ways to interconnect those elements with your brand. Your LinkedIn-published article could make an appearance on the LinkedIn homepage, a Pulse category…and as a result, could work its way to being one of those ‘most popular posts’ you see in your email inbox.
  • The LinkedIn Publisher Platform offers something that Google Analytics cannot: information about the professions of those who are engaging with your content. Just stop for a moment to consider how valuable that information could be to your brand strategy, moving forward.
  • If your brand is a B2B, you simply can’t pass up the opportunities offered by LinkedIn publishing. Surely, your posts can be published on other social media channels, but not with the business-to-business impact of LinkedIn.


  • Some of your blog posts should talk about trends in your industry; they should be centred on breaking news that your audience need to know now. Others should focus on timeless, yet relevant, advice and information – in a ‘back to basics’ sort of approach. Those articles that don’t ‘expire’ can be shared on LinkedIn long after their original published date, to engage more ideal clients, to keep conversations going, and to boost engagement.
  • LinkedIn’s ‘Follow’ function does not require a professional connection; therefore, anyone can choose to be notified of your updates. Others will see how many followers you have, and this will contribute to your expert status.
  • If the content you’re sharing on LinkedIn is so enticing, so juicy, so valuable…well, if it matters to your 1st level connections, then they will feel compelled to share the content. And guess who sees it then? Your 2nd level connections. And if they share it, your 3rd level connections. With the right content, the possibilities are electrifying.

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