A logo is not your brand; however, building your brand does involve branding design in the form of a logo. Let’s clarify by defining what a logo is, as well as what it isn’t.

A logo is a branding design symbol that is used in conjunction with a branding message. The intention is that the logo will eventually come to represent a brand with its colour, shape(s), line(s), and font. Whenever people see that logo, memories and emotions should well up by association.

The Role of Expert Branding Design in Logo Creation


We don’t recognise and turn to the McDonald’s M because of the way it looks, but the way it looks does help us to remember why we like – or don’t like – the fast food chain. The logo is a shortcut of sorts; a symbol for all that lies beneath. That logo will mean many different things to many different people, depending on their experiences with the brand. Your brand is what consumers say it is, not what you tell them it is.

In order for a logo to accomplish great things for your brand, you must create expert status, trust, and positive experiences to accompany the viewing of it. But before that can happen, a branding design expert should design a logo that fits your brand.

Here are the qualities that How to Build a Brand believe every logo should have:

  1. Simplicity. A beautiful, artful, and complicated design will be difficult to commit to memory.
  2. Scalability. The logo will be used on a variety of media, and therefore must be recognizable on everything from pens to billboards.
  3. Uniqueness. Your logo must be specifically designed to complement your brand strategy. A stock photo or clip-art is not a logo.
  4. Strategic Colour. A logo’s colours contribute to its recognition and its message.
  5. Recognisability. Even if the logo appears in black-and-white media, it must be recognisable by its shape or font alone.
  6. Expert Branding Design. Almost anyone can draw a picture and call it a logo, but unless that person is privy to the branding message and intent of the company, that logo will not be a pure representative of the company’s brand. This is why we always advise that you hire a professional branding design expert to create your brand’s logo.

Designing a logo is part of branding, but intense branding efforts must back it up, or it will never become an integral part of consumers’ daily visual and cerebral intake. A logo that has all the qualities listed above and that represents your brand’s values is a great strongbox into which consumers will stash all their impressions and memories of your brand.

Like the familiar scent of cologne or the lyrics to an old song, a logo can stir memories and trigger action. Keep this in mind as you create branded memories through positive, emotional experiences, and remember that if you do it well, your logo will come to represent these.

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