In the world of brand names, How to Build a Brand are presented with a common misconception: that brand names’ logos ARE their brand identities. This notion couldn’t be more flawed. Business owners must remember that without a clearly communicated brand identity, a logo is nothing more than a pretty face.

A Logo is a Face that Needs a Name and a Nature

A logo is just that: a face.

Just like human faces, logos become highly recognisable over time; however, also as with human faces, if we don’t have a name or first-hand experience with a personality, we know very little about the person. We can make judgements from a friendly smile or a perpetual scowl, but how do we really know?

The same principle applies to logos: we can make assumptions (both conscious and subconscious) about what that logo represents, but without a message to back it, how will we ever know for sure?


Designing a logo is a specialised art. A great logo is far more than a pretty picture. If designed correctly, logos – like faces – can be quite unforgettable. Brand names’ goals should include making their logos memorable, as well as associating very specific memories with each logo. Brand names can accomplish this through emotional branding, expert status establishment, customer experience branding, and much more.

The Role of Logos for Brand Names

A new logo is like a supermodel’s first magazine ad. Her face isn’t familiar. It might be beautiful, but because no one recognizes it, they cannot associate feelings, positive or negative, with it.

Consumers might go on to read the words that accompany that face on the page, and if the corporate branding entity has done the job right, they will remember the face and pay attention the next time it appears. As that face manifests itself again and again, popping up in television commercials and banner ads, people become familiar with it and subconsciously call up their own developing perceptions of the brand. Every encounter with that face will solidify the sensations created by corporate branding.

A logo is what consumers see; it is a face that will grow familiar with time and effective corporate branding. A brand is a perception, a focus, a reputation, and the promise of what can be expected whenever that logo makes an appearance.

Logos are imperative to the success of brand names; however, their beauty is only skin deep. The real substance, the inner beauty of brand names, lies in the actions and communications of the brands themselves.

This doesn’t mean that the colours, lines, and shapes of a logo are unimportant; to the contrary, the psychological messages created by these components are powerful, and they send authoritative messages. By ensuring that logo messages are consistent with their brands’ messages, brand names can harness the power of consistency. This will speed along the brand awareness process, making the logo and the brand identity message even more memorable with dual-action influence.

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