Your brand story must be shareable…period. In order to build your brand and make your corporate identity recognisable, your social media photos, videos, and status updates must be juicy, interesting, and relevant enough to go viral (at least within your target audience).

How does a brand accomplish this? Stick around and learn how a branding expert’s advice can make your corporate identity highly visible through social media sharing.

Make your Corporate Identity Visible through Sharing

“How can I get people to click on the Share button?” This question has been asked more times than we at How to Build a Brand can count, and we understand the frustration that comes with trying to get those coveted shares.

So here you go: our best branding advice for getting your corporate identity in front of all the right eyes – by encouraging the sharing of your social media updates:

  • At first blush, you might believe that your brand story should be all about you and your brand. Yes, to a point…but what’s really important is that the telling of your brand story be built around what your ideal clients want and need. Only through the satisfaction of their own needs (entertainment, efficiency, belonging, astonishment, etc.) will they be inspired to share.
  • Support a cause (non-profit charity, community initiative, etc.) with values that closely align to the values of your brand. Publish updates about how you’re working to further the cause and how you and your brand’s constituents are getting involved. Everyone in the photos, along with others associated with that cause, will want to share the good news.
  • When an employee or affiliate does something commendable, share it on social media. Not only will this work to align your corporate identity with caring about people, the employee (and his or her family and friends) will want to share that status update.
  • Let your brand’s unique flavour and personality shine through every social media post. Not only will this be refreshing for your followers, they will be inclined to share your updates with their friends. Why? Because everyone wants to brag when they know someone (or some brand) who’s different than anyone they’ve ever met.
  • Gather video testimonials (or written testimonials with photos if possible) and publish them whenever possible. This is a great way to make positive associations with your corporate identity, and it’s also a great way to garner shares from those making the testimonials, as well as their friends and family.
  • People are naturally curious, and many of them are downright nosey. Take them behind-the-scenes of your brand, with a feeling of exclusivity, and they’ll find looking (and sharing) virtually irresistible.


  • Work to devise new and interesting ways to use your product(s) and create fun tutorial videos to showcase your brand’s creativity. By doing this, your corporate identity will develop associations that would otherwise be impossible. Additionally, people love to share creative ideas – there’s an unspoken war being waged: Who can find the most creative way to make life easier, more delicious, or more fun? Every time someone sees a chance to share something cutting-edge or unexpected, they want to be the first of their friends to share it.
  • People are searching for inspiration. What lines can you draw from your brand that will inspire ordinary people to accomplish extraordinary things? Be creative here…because guess what? When someone is inspired, they naturally want to inspire someone else, and will do so with a share.
  • If your brand plans to sponsor an upcoming event, be there with smartphone in hand, ready to share all the greatest moments via social media. Those who attended the event will want to share. Other sponsors and the event organisers will be on board, too.

There’s no limit to how social media sharing can positively affect the visibility of your corporate identity. Get started today: post status updates that utilise the above advice, and use the results to determine what works best for building your brand and its corporate identity.

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