We’ve all heard that in order to stand out from the crowd, we must ‘make a statement.’ Brand building and positioning are no different. In order to remain focussed on your values, to deliver constant quality, and to build your brand, you must create and retain a vision statement and a mission statement.

Maybe you have assumed that a vision statement and mission statement were one-in-the-same. They are similar, but one cannot replace the other. Let’s define each one, talk about how to create them, and then talk about how you can use each one to further your brand building and positioning efforts.

Brand Building and Positioning with Vision Statements and Mission Statements


A vision statement can be as short as one sentence. In fact, the simpler it is, the more effective it will be. In should include, or allude to, your brand’s core values. Some examples of core values are quality, integrity, kindness, and progression. The vision statement should also tell of your brand’s greater purpose – or how it will use those values to change someone’s day, someone’s life, or the world.

A vision statement should be highly visible to employees and associates, as a reminder of why the brand exists, as well as how customers (and the general public) should be interacted with and spoken to. In order to contribute to your brand building and positioning endeavours, the vision statement should be concise, as well as inspirational or motivational.

Your vision statement is intended for viewing by everyone involved with your brand, from employees to general consumers.

A mission statement is the vision statement’s more practical cousin. It outlines the reason a brand exists, as well as what it intends to accomplish through prioritization and responsibility-induced action. It states a goal or goals. It is important that the mission statement be clear enough for anyone (even non-industry persons) to understand, so jargon should be avoided. Like the vision statement, it should be short and to-the-point.

Your mission statement will be viewed primarily by those intimately involved with your brand, but it should also be made available to consumers and clients upon request.

When writing your vision and mission statements, think of the key emotions that motivate your ideal clients and your employees. Use words that tap into those emotions, and you’ll begin to establish the kind of connections that lead to successful brand building and positioning.

Because simplicity is key when writing these statements, strive to eliminate unnecessary words. Once written, ask yourself what can be purged for the sake of making the statements more direct.

By now, you might be wondering if your brand needs a vision statement AND a mission statement. The short answer: Yes! All brands – in order to stay focussed, to establish expert statuses, and to build trust within their target audiences – need these memory and motivational tools. Often, the day-to-day responsibilities of brand building and positioning can cause even the most dedicated business owner (and employees) to stray from a brand’s purpose, or its reason for existence. This holds the potential to create a great disconnect, which can be inadvertently communicated to clients, who may have otherwise chosen loyalty to your brand.

With a vision statement and a mission statement, you will not only remain focussed, you will maintain that original passion for your brand. You will make a statement – and a powerful one, at that.

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