As you build your personal brand, it’s imperative that you make personal connections. Those people whom you connect with may be impressed by you; however, that’s only part of the formula. You must be memorable—in all the right ways. You must come to mind every time your ideal customer has a problem that you solve. Your personal brand must be there, taking up mind space and just waiting for the right opportunity to jump into the forefront and take charge.

How can you imprint your personal brand on the minds of all those who matter the most? To win that competition going on in consumers’ minds on a daily basis? I have some tips for doing just that, no matter if you’re building your personal brand to support your corporate brand, or you’re building a personal brand for employment.

Tips for Making your Personal Brand Unforgettable

personal.brandFrom the time you first meet your target audience members to the last interaction you’ll ever have with them, you can make yourself remarkable enough to be remembered. Here’s how:

  • Find the Right Audience. If you’ve been speaking to people who aren’t interested in what you have to offer, then they’re going to try to forget you. Find those people who specifically suffer from the problem you solve. Deliver the kind, empathetic words they need to hear; be the expert they want to turn to; be the person they partner with and recommend to their friends. Change someone’s life, even in the smallest way, and you will not be forgotten.
  • Be Yourself. This isn’t just a pep talk. It’s good business sense. When you express yourself as you were made to be, then you will attract the people who will most fervently support your brand. Be authentic and you will build authentic, long-lasting business relationships.
  • Highlight your Differences. If you’re just like the rest, you will be forgotten. People will make decisions based on what’s convenient or what’s cheapest. Instead, be so unique that ‘your people’ can’t help but be drawn to you. Be so different, in a way that they need, that they’ll barely be able to keep your name under wraps; they’ll want to tell their friends all about you and get credit for helping them to change their lives, too.
  • Express your Passion. Everyone wants to do business with someone who clearly loves what they do, and who is obviously in it for more than money. Of course, you need to earn a living; however, when you bring your passion for doing something to the marketplace, where it can benefit others, you will be hard to forget.
  • Give, Give, Give. Whether you’re running your own business or working for someone else, it can be easy to get caught up in what you need to obtain for yourself—sales, notoriety, a paycheck. However, there’s a better approach. Instead, give freely of your expertise. Help out whenever you can. Focus on serving rather than selling. And then guess what? You’ll get far more than you ever expected.
  • Look in from the Outside. At some time in most of our careers, we have anticipated that we would be perceived in a particular way, when in fact, we delivered the wrong message, delivered it to the wrong people, or delivered it at the wrong time. This resulted in inaccurate assessments of what our personal brands are all about. If you’ve been there, you understand the importance of asking others for their opinions on how your personal brand is being received. If this has never happened to you, take my advice now and get feedback from trusted sources who won’t sugar-coat their observations.
  • What Benefits do you Offer? This could also be called the ROI (Return on Investment) you’re offering to customers. When they work with you (or hire you), what benefits will they enjoy? Make those benefits either more impressive or more unique than the competition, and you’ll not only have a leg up in closing the sale or getting the job, you will not be forgotten.
  • Be Visible. This is often ‘overlooked,’ but is HUGE. How can people remember you if they never meet you? How can they experience your personal brand and tell others about it if you’re not putting it in the places where they’re going to see it? Conduct research to determine where your ideal customers are hanging out, and then get your personal brand in there, making it active, interactive and distinctive.
  • Be Relevant. Your target audience members will, as a group, experience changing circumstances as a whole. The commonalities they share may cause them all to be short on cash, depressed, worried or struggling to succeed…all at the same time. Use this to put your personal brand in front of them in a big way, addressing this pain and offering them expertise or support that is highly relevant to their current situation. When you ultimately solve their problems, they will remember how you stopped the pain and improved their lives. Even if individuals within the group chose not to participate (and they will), they’ll see the relevance and effectiveness of what you have to offer through their peers’ experiences.
  • Be Consistent. An important part of being remembered is giving your audience one thing to remember you for. If you’re sending out inconsistent messages, you will deliver confusion—and no one buys in a state of confusion. Be clear. Remain unswerving. Demonstrate stability. Then, you’ll be easy to remember, because people will know just what to remember about you.
  • Keep your Nose Clean. You’re probably going to witness your competition making poor decisions. You’re also going to witness what those decisions do to their reputations. This is the one type of instance in which you don’t want your personal brand to be remembered…when it’s for all the wrong reasons. Make decisions based on your customers’, investors’ or employer’s needs. Keep the focus there, to stay on the right track.

Remaining present in the minds of your target audience members is not just an accomplishment, it’s necessary for success in your business and/or your career.

I challenge you to employ the tips I’ve outlined here to make your personal brand more memorable, and then share your experiences in the Brand Builders Club, the place where freedom-focussed, purpose-driven business owners, entrepreneurs and professionals are gathering to build their global networks and their brands. Click here to learn more.


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