Integrating advertisements, for profit, into a website’s design is becoming less of an option and more of the status quo for many branding strategies. The key to placing ads effectively into your website’s design is this: Find a balance between segregation and integration.

Branding strategies aren’t just about getting your brand noticed – they’re also about amassing the funds necessary for establishing yourself as an expert, building trust, and developing brand awareness. Selling ad space on your webpage is one way of accomplishing this. Let’s talk about the right way to go about it.

Intelligent Webpage Advertising for Branding Strategies

At How to Build a Brand, we recommend that as you integrate advertising into your website’s content, you consider doing the following:

  • Differentiate between content and ads, making sure content is given centre stage. Advertisements should not be ‘hidden,’ but they should never take precedence over, detract from, or hide your content. Imagine the dismay your ideal clients will feel after they click on a link that seems like it will contain the valuable information they’ve been searching for, only to land on a page filled with advertisements. They don’t even notice the content. Do you think they’ll rely on your brand the next time they need advice or information? It’s not likely.
  • Integrate adverts into your text and buttons. Don’t group all ads together – that makes them too easy for users to bypass. Keep in mind the types of words that you know will move your target audience to action. What will inspire them to click on the ad? Remember, the more action webpage advertisements get, the more profit hosts will earn…profits that will support branding strategies and build brands.


  • Don’t overlook the power of animation. The human eye is drawn to movement, and animation holds the potential to increase ad clicks. Be cautious about the file size, though. Ensure that an animated ad won’t slow down your website’s loading speed (which can, in turn, negatively affect its search ranking).
  • Add adverts to your sidebar. If your website design allows for it, use two sidebars so more content and adverts can fit above the fold. “Above the fold” refers to all that’s visible before scrolling is necessary. Remember that this will vary depending on what type of device is being used to view your website.
  • Integrate advertisements into your website design by using colours that complement your scheme. Employ ad backgrounds and borders that harmonize with your website design. If ads stick out from the current aesthetic, they’ll interrupt the flow of your visuals and will detract from your content and web design.

The days of tricking visitors into clicking on advertisements are over. Branding strategies that employ tactics such as this will do nothing to build a brand, long-term. Today, the goal is to present advertisements that whisper rather than scream, complement the theme and the scheme of the website, offer valuable extras, and that are aesthetically pleasing and harmonious.

Building well-rounded and highly effective branding strategies requires plenty of preparation and determination. Whether you’re setting out on your first website advertising adventure, or you’d like to learn more about how you can improve your users’ experiences while increasing clicks, contact us.

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