What do you think of when you hear the term Market Leader? If you’re currently building a brand, it’s a phrase you’ve pondered often…probably because it names your ultimate goal. You want to be a market leader in your industry. But how? It all starts with establishing yourself as an expert – the premier expert – in your field.

At How to Build a Brand, we define a market leader as a corporate brand that is the first place consumers go when searching for a solution. A market leader is considered to be the best. Its current customers are loyal. Its people are, arguably, the best around.

You might believe that you have what it takes to be the best, but how do you communicate that to the people who matter? Often, whilst building a brand, people like you feel uncomfortable touting their strengths. That’s why How to Build a Brand recommends that you not only tell your audience why you’re the best, but that you demonstrate it.

Building a Brand with Expertise

Not only do you need branding expertise and branding advice whilst building a brand, you need your own branded expertise. Branding is not a list of facts presented to your ideal clients; nor is it a pile of lies told with the intention of simulating expertise. Instead, branding is the collective experiences, feelings, and opinions that your customers undergo and then talk about. It is the position that your brand takes in the market as a result of the public’s engagement, your clients’ loyalty to your brand, and the public’s perception of your expertise.

In order to build that perception of your expertise, and move closer to market leader status, we recommend that you flex the following muscles (with the intention of “showing off” your expertise):

  • Offer advice regularly, and in the places where your target audience is hanging out.
  • Take every available opportunity to help those in need of something you offer. Social media is a great place to tone this muscle. Offer advice freely and make it clear that you are available to answer more questions. Be friendly and approachable. Don’t use jargon, but do use branded language that your ideal clients will appreciate. Show what you know – in the context of each individual question.
  • Maintain open dialogue with your customers and ask them what compels them to continue doing business with you. Their answers are invaluable; use them to shape the way you demonstrate your expertise in the future.
  • Why do you believe you are the best in your field? What do have to offer that will propel you to the position of market leader? Exhibit this quality or these qualities when you interact with potential clients and well as loyal clients. Doing this whilst building a brand will turn your belief into others’ beliefs about you.
  • Consider writing a full-length book, an e-book, a free report, a blog, or other publication that puts your expertise on display.

When you flex your expert muscles (put what you know on display), you will establish yourself as an expert in your field and muscle your way to the coveted position of market leader – with only the slightest amount of effort. Remember that you’re simply telling what you know to those who care the most. This is the most authentic and trustworthy method for building a brand.


Like I mentioned earlier, it can be difficult for some of us to become comfortable with talking about our expertise. This is where I turn to some coined phrases for help, like the proof is in the pudding, actions speak louder than words, and talk is cheap. Of course, you’ll need to talk about your brand – but even more importantly, you’ll need to show, not tell, what you can do. This is what will build your reputation as a trustworthy expert.

First branding strategy expert muscle to really flex there is the offering free advice and give it freely, give it absolutely freely, it’s so important that you add more value first so they can build the trust for you before they start to think about buying a service or a product from you.

What’s the second muscle that you can flex to maximise your small business marketing and get your customers to find you? First of all, you can go to your customers. The ones that already have experienced your service or your product. Find out what it is that keeps them coming back to you, what it was that compelled them to buy from you even in the first place. When you find out that sort of feedback, you can use that to communicate to the audience out there as to why they should choose you, too. It’s a great muscle to flex and it really does work because it’s about what other people have said about you, not just what you say. 

The next brand strategy thing is about exhibiting your expertise, because of course, like we said, if you truly believe you’re the market leader, you’ve got to start acting like it and so your promotional materials, everything you say and do, even in person to your customers, how your staff, if you have them, react and respond and communicate with your customers and prospects, that is also going to show how you exhibit your expertise.

Are there ways that you can show how you deliver your service? Be it something you can portray by video or give examples of how you’ve done that, because that will exhibit your expertise as well.

There’s one other muscle you can flex for ultimate small business marketing, and here’s number four for you: Write a book. Because positioning you as an expert, as an authority in your industry, there’s a clue in the word “authority” and it’s the word “author.” If you can write a book on the expertise that you have, how you deliver a service, what is great about the service, what the problems are that people tend to struggle with, be it personally or in business, and you have a book on it that helps them get through that problem, then you are already an authority out there. Because of that, you’re going to get positioning, so that when you start communicating, you can start referring to the videos that you’ve done, the books that you’ve written, the articles and blog posts that you’ve written as well, because all of these things that you author will position you as the expert. If you do it in the way of giving advice, like we said in the first three muscles you can flex, then that book in itself is going to be such a fantastic resource and an automatic attraction to your customers. 

So there you go, there are some fantastic muscles of expertise that you can flex and you already have the knowledge there to do this, even if you’ve never written a book before, even if you’ve never stood in front of the camera before, and even if you’ve never freely given advice because you’ve normally kept it guarded because you felt there was more value to it, it should be paid for, if you put all of these things out there, you will naturally attract the audience thereafter. I mean, the clients that will pay what you’re worth, they won’t mess around with quibbling about price, and they will be coming back to you as repeat customers as well because if your service or product is that good, that’s going to happen anyway. You’ve just got to get them coming through the door.

Flex those four muscles and you will get to be the market leader that you’ve been striving for.

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