What is a market leader? Is he or she a shark, a predator…a brute that sits perched atop the corporate food chain, waiting to gobble competitors and other, up-and-coming market leaders?

I suppose that some market leaders are bullies that have clambered their ways to the top by means of less-than-scrupulous business practices. But to be fair, I also believe that these types are the overwhelming minority. Most market leaders are the strong, sensitive types: the kinds of people who have built uber-successful careers out of helping others by solving problems.

I ask again, what is a market leader? A market leader is someone who bears such an overwhelming sensitivity to his or her target market’s needs that all external media display an acute awareness of those things which are most important to his or her audience. A market leader puts the consumer above all; makes each audience member feel like an integral part of the brand identity.

Market leaders also manipulate internal communications in ways that bring all collaborators – from employees, to affiliates, to designers, to writers, to suppliers – to a nearly exhaustive familiarity with the company’s brand identity as well as the nature, behaviour, and needs of its ideal customer.

Let’s shed misconceptions about market leaders. They’re not predators. Neither are you. But you can be the strongest, the most sensitive, and the most successful.

Market leaders are products of a multi-faceted process.

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